Hey everybody:

I just finished up the editing on show #4 and am thrilled that we got Chris Fallica to be our first guest on the new show. Check it out below.

Also, just wanted to add a quick thank you to our buddy Dink for providing the image accompanying this post. We will be having him on the show soon to discuss his life and times as a pro bettor and what it was like to be played by Bruce Willis in a movie.

As for the fortune, it’s obviously awesome just in and of itself, but it also made me think about the year ahead. I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution guy but I am a believer in setting a New Year’s intention or two, not unlike how yogis set an intention at the beginning of practice.

Among my intentions for 2019 is to show a little more restraint on the betting side — fewer degenerate-y action plays and more bets with an edge. I’m looking to bet — and live — more mindfully.

And just so you don’t think I’m only concerned with improving as a horseplayer, as part of my new intention, I want to filter my thoughts, words and deeds through a place of compassion. Compassion for self, compassion for loved ones, even compassion for the randos who hang out in the internet comments sections of various websites.

One last time I’ll say Happy New Year!

For Itunes

For Spotify

May you win all your photos,


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