PTF Kentucky Oaks Preview for At the Races

I’ll start this post by asking for forgiveness.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to ask for forgiveness even this week. As noted on the Players’ Podcast Oaks edition I am the idiot who texted JK on Sunday night around 10:15 ET, certain he was where I was: sitting down in front of his TV watching Game of Thrones S8: E3.

“Can you believe that XXXX YYYYYY the WWWWW ZZZZ!!!!!!” I texted excitedly.

Unfortunately the message popped up on screen during his dinner and I’d effectively spoiled one of the great moments in modern TV history for him.

This apology isn’t quite like that. This one is for a breach of internet etiquette. You’re not really supposed to tweet links to stories that are really just excuses to tweet other links. And yet, that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing with my Kentucky Oaks preview:’s-kentucky-oaks-preview



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