Show #39: Derby Recap – To DQ or not to DQ, That is the Question

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PTF and JK are working on a Sunday to bring you their thoughts on the controversial finish in this year’s Kentucky Derby. Who was best? What would have happened if Baffert trained Maximum Security? Will Country House win the Preakness? Do the guys finally agree with Trump on something? The answer to these questions and many more. .  .


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  • Don’t know what the anti DQ crowd is thinking, but horse racing just dodged a near death experience. Any reasonable person seeing those horse’s legs intertwined without one or both going down, has to agree that the horse racing gods intervened and gave thoroughbred racing a reprieve. Given what is going on in California with Santa Anita and all the talk of putting racing to a public referendum, could you imagine the uproar today if millions of people were witness to a horrendous spill with several horse fatalities and certainly some severely hurt jockeys? I lost a few bucks when Maximum Security was taken down, but I gladly give them up for the sake of the game.

    Ed M

  • Hello. Frequent listener, 1st time commenting. But I feel extremely confident that if Improbable runs in Preakness like Baffert said, there is no way that he will go off longer odds than Country House. Regardless of post positions, field size, track conditions and whoever else is running
    Sorry PTF, but you gotta chalk this one up as an L.
    Keep doing a great job, appreciate the frequent podcasts and consistency you guys provide. Especially lately with more on betting strategies and handicapping particular races & of course more of your man Frank from the fairgrounds. Keep it up guys!

  • Really like your podcasts and agree with Pete’s assertion, early on, about a potential for disaster. Have not heard the connection between the Oaks and Derby. Clipping heals in the Oaks led to the DQ of Jaywalk. Disaster was averted since it was early and no horses were trailing. In the Derby, disaster was averted when War of Will stayed on his feet. Had he gone down like Positive Spirit, Tyler Gafflione might not have been as lucky as Many Franco.  

  • Love the conversations( the show). Long time listener!
    I’m a much more novice player than you guys and was wondering if I was crazy or if the DD will pays into the derby we’re unusually low to you guys from the turf Classic? In a guaranteed pool like that did that somehow work out to a negative and this was just simply due to a big favorite winning? (The negative being it sucked more people in that all just through cash in the fave?)

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