As a bonus play I figured I would include a few stats that I generated for Race 8 out at Del Mar on Saturday 7/27/19.

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Assorted stats for Bing Crosby Stakes

HorsePPFirst point timeFair oddsMorning lineSpeed figs
Recruiting Ready723590.33.12[93.9, 87.4, 92.0]
Cistron323093.73.22.5[94.6, 98.2, 94.5]
Desert Law223689.05.812[91.1, 77.5, 97.0]
Air Strike523656.76.24[93.0, 85.8, 77.4]
Chief Cicatriz623215.46.412[84.8, 85.4, 110.0]
Jalen Journey823446.17.76[93.6, 86.6, 86.8]
Line Judge423916.98.98[91.1, 76.1, 85.0]
Calexman123437.912.115[84.3, 81.1, 80.0]

Pace appears that it could be relatively quick with many of the horses potentially vying for the early lead. (see the times above – pretty close to one another)

Highest last race speed figure is Cistron, with Recruiting Ready and Jalen Journey close-by. Desert Law holds the largest speed figure (in each of the horses’ past three figs) of the field, coming three back.

Overall, just based on the fair odds line I’ve created, I’d personally like to see how I can get Desert Law and Chief Cicatriz involved in some action. Recruiting Ready and Cistron appear to be formidable and nearly equally likely as winners. In order to pull some money out of this race, I would potentially key Desert Law and Chief Cicatriz on the bottom of exactas, trifectas and superfectas. They appear to have decent shots at hitting the board (if not even winning) at pretty decent odds. My recommendation is that if you are to play, get the two horses I mentioned above involved, and hopefully we can all walk away from the day with some extra dough in the wallet.

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