Benny Southstreet’s Trip Notes for KEE Opening Day

Our Keeneland opening week coverages continues with a new post from everyone’s favorite trip handicapper Benny Southstreet. Funny enough, as much of a racing rat as he is, Benny has only been to Keeneland once, to play in their famed Spring Handicapping contest, the Garde One Gamble. Benny is a California guy — despite his brief flirtation with east coast life that one summer in Saratoga when I met him at the paddock bar. Generally speaking, the man is a weather snob. And so he wasn’t too happy when it poured rain the entire weekend he was at Keeneland. He kept a good attitude, and was otherwise impressed by “racing as it ought to be” at Keeneland — a far cry from Aqua Caliente in TJ where he spent his formative years.

That fateful weekend when Benny visited Keeneland, he wanted to spend time outside, “to get a sense of the place and see if he could find any Appalachian habitat snakes,” I recall him saying. This was despite repeated warning about the foulness of the weather and multiple invitations to come join me and JK in the Green Room that day. When he finally arrived and made his way past the green coats, he was literally blue with chill, lips chattering.  We got the idea to warm him up with a shot of whiskey (Maker’s 46) and a bowl of burgoo. He liked the whiskey just fine but loved the burgoo, and indeed it brought him back to life. But that’s when it happened.

Things can get a little tight in the Green Room, and we were pretty well crammed together. Benny was eating so enthusiastically that — and this is the god’s honest truth — he got more burgoo on JK’s laptop’s keyboard than he did in his mouth. It took a week in the Mac hospital and $1,000 to get that sucker back to normal.

If you see JK, do not mention this to him! It still sends him into apoplectic fits of anger. You may ask yourself why I’m writing about it publicly if I don’t want to remind JK of what’s simply become known as “The Burgoo incident.” Well, simple answer there: he never reads my stuff anyway. You got it from here, Benny.

Race 2

Majestic Kindness

2-2-19:  Away fine. Clean. Stuck 4-5 wide throughout the 1st turn. Field was very compact and pace seemed on slower side with a clear and uncontested leader. Advanced out of the 1st turn and got to within 1 ½  lengths of the lead early on backstretch. Asked while losing ground late on backstretch and now entering far turn. Stuck 4-5 wide through far turn also. Nice run through the lane and big surge late after slight lugging in and lost a terrible head bob on the wire to the 7-5* that saved every inch of ground throughout.

Zena Rules

3-7-19:  Away below average & slightest of bumps. To the rail through the 1st turn and saved every inch. Pace was on slower side with clear and uncontested leader. Accordion flow down the backstretch with field taking closer order. This one mild advance late on the backstretch and saved ground entering far turn. Slight pause entering far turn when outside foes moved in. Saved ground throughout this turn also. At top of the stretch this one found a seem in between horses and really ran well through that hole and fired a big shot in the lane.  Was absolutely best in this race given the pace. Not surprisingly, the winner went wire to wire.

2-9-19:  Away OK. Clean. No speed early and last entering the 1st turn & 2 wide through this turn.  Pace seemed slow although a mild contest from stalker with top 2 three to four lengths clear of 3rd horse by the midway point on the backstretch. Allowed to relax until entering far turn. Advanced 3 wide through the far while encouraged. Clear shot through lane and ran well in stretch but couldn’t get to leader that was the early stalker.

Honey Bunny

3-15-19:  Away a length slow. Immediately guided to the middle of the track while 7-8+ wide and began catching up quickly while being asked. By the time the far turn arrived this one was only 2 lengths from lead. 3-4 wide through the turn and challenged for lead by midway of the turn – finally given a little breather. Entering the top of the lane this one was being had shoved. Clear shot through the lane & absolutely took off when cracked right handed. Was actually being geared down at the wire.  This was impressive.


1-11-19:  Away OK, maybe just a hair slow. Moved out of rail spot early on backstretch and around the #2 horse. Found a terrible position in a box and now held up. A touch keen. A seam presented itself late in the backstretch and this one ran into that spot and now dueling for the lead on what seemed like a slower than normal pace. After this brief little advance this one pretty much backed up from there.  The throwback from the synthetic was really bad on this day, so once this one got outrun in the turn it was pretty much over.

12-6-18:  Away a touch slow, bumped from her inside foe into her outside foe and lost a few lengths. Not good.  A bit keen entering the 1st turn but held up. A 3-prong duel for the lead created a fast pace. Stalker in 4th a dream trip and a few more lengths to this one. Began good advance down backstretch and 3 wide entering far turn. Continued advance in turn and got to a length of the lead by the midway point of the far turn but then leader (who was the perfect tripper) began pulling away. OK run for 2nd.  Tough start but big pace help, too.

Dance Rhythms

3-16-19:  Away well. Clean. Asked for speed early and in a bit of a bad spot early – in between with foes on both side ahead of this one.  Opted to wait instead of shove and now to rail.  At rail and on hold through the turn – looking good.  Eased off of the rail for the drive and surpisingly had nothing in drive when called upon.  Strange.  Looked like was going to have a say but said very little.  Winner was 3-2* and MTO starter.

La Femme Royale – notes not applicable


Race 3

Our Alibi

12-22-18:  Away well.  Clean. Showed good speed early and tracked leader from the 2 path through the 1st turn. Shoulder tap but outrun to maintain that spot as an early mover outside of this one moved to engage the leader without being asked. Some nibbling to stay near the lead but was making no impression, gradually losing ground through the far turn. Rider conceded at the top of the stretch, moving this one to the rail and coasting in from there with a couple of token whips.

Mr Zydeco

3-11-19:  Bet from 9-2 M/L to 4-5*.  Away a length slow. At rail into 1st turn and on hold while boxed in throughout turn. Finally some room entering the backstretch and advance up the rail out of the bad spot. Steady rhythm down backstretch and relaxed, making very slight progress. Eased off rail entering the far turn and making up good ground now. 3-4 wide in turn and whip urging. Poor last ¼ after getting into contention Was without excuse.

Watch Cairo (was entered on 3-22-19 for GP’s 10th race, 1M on turf and MDC20)

2-1-19:  Away 2 lengths slow. Also no speed and a clear last early. Lead was contested but pace was slower than normal with 1-2-3-4 early finishing 2nd-3rd-1st-4th. Jock moved this one to the 8 path or so down the backstretch. May have an issue with the throwback? Dove into the rail entering the far turn and began catching up. Eased from the 2 path in the turn to go around foes. 3-4-5 wide from the midway point in the turn.  When the stretch arrived this one was left behind.  First time gelding today – so anything is possible – but will need marked improvement.

The Kid in Syd

3-2-19:  Absolutely murdered at the start.  Like murdered. Bounced back and forth 5 TIMES between inside and outside foes right from the gate, then finally pulled out of the pinball game to lose momentum. To the rail and no ask down backstretch. At rail entering far turn and began running a bit. Eased around a stopper by midway in the turn and ran on well enough through the turn and down the stretch while rider had clearly given up. Wouldn’t have likely beat the 8/5*winner, but absolutely would have finished 2nd.

Storm Rider

3-15-19:  Was 5-1 M/L.  Away slowly from rail post and bumped, too. Not good & immediately out of the picture. Pace was normal with 3-5* for Diodoro clear and uncontested, eventually winning by several. Six lengths of open air to the rest of the field entering far turn. Saved ground throughout turn and eased to the 4-5 path in the lane. Jock was trying hard to get this one to change leads but he wouldn’t.  Good stretch run. Start was no good – gets a pass just for that.

Impossible Mission – notes not applicable

Private Boone

3-7-19: Away good. Clean. Good speed into the 1st turn. Outside foe was a little quicker, so this one moved from the rail to the 2 path for a clear stalk. The pace seemed fast & was strung out a bit. Leader 3 clear down backstretch. Began moving a little entering the far turn but the horse in 3rd (& eventual winner) cruised right past this one to engage the leader and draw away. Was clearly outrun.

Bartolome Murillo

3-7-19:  Away inward and average start. Not asked for speed early and allowed to settle near the back. Pace was slower than normal. 1-2-3-4 early finished 3rd-4th-1st-2nd. Wide run through the turn while advancing 3-4-5 wide.  Clear shot in the lane but was tired.

Whisper Barrow – notes not applicable

Sassy King (was entered into MSW affair at OP on 2-1)

12-22-18:  Away fine.  Clean. 4-5 wide run through 1st turn. Was 5 wide down backstretch and advancing. Up to a clear 3rd by the far turn. Asked while 3 wide midway in turn and now in 2nd.  Leader drifted wide into the stretch, putting this one in between at the top of the stretch.  When the leader kicked away, ‘King’ was left to fight for place money, which he did.  No real trouble to speak of

Lemon Again

3-8-19:  She was the only 3YO in this race.  Mild bump at the start. No big deal as this one wasn’t showing speed anyway.  Allowed to rate in the 2 path through the 1st turn. Pace seemed on the slow side with a clear & uncontested leader who went wire to wire. Stalker was over 50-1 & was pitiful – making the advantage for the leader even greater.  Uneventful backstretch in 2 path. Nibbled at entering the far turn and began moving. 2-3 wide advance, then to inside late in turn. Clear shot at the rail in the lane. Overall the trip was very good – but the pace was not to this one’s advantage.

Lielielie – notes not applicable

Golden Challenge

3-14-19:  Slight hesitation at the start. On hold into the first turn and then stuck 4-3 wide. Maintained this 3-4 path down the entire backstretch. Began advance late in backstretch while being urged with strong shoving. Entering the far turn this one made the rail and not all in with a couple of left handed whips. Saved ground from here all the way to the wire, earning the show money but never threatening at all.  6-5* wins for Diodoro.

2-21-19:  Away a touch slow.  Whip urging and then a snatch entering the first turn – hate when riders do this.  I call it the ol’ “Ask & Snatch.”  Stuck 4 wide early in turn and then back to last and to 2-3 path. Pace was very fast with a runoff leader by 4 or 5 and the field was very strung out.  Some should taps late in backstretch run and to rail in far turn.  All out ask midway in the far turn and making up good ground.  Eased out late in the turn to the 2-3-4+ path for the drive. Was closing late but he should have been. Poor gallop out.  Overall I’d classify this as a good trip because the pace was sooo much in his favor – if the rider had communicated better in the beginning of the race he likely would have won.

Wild One Forever – notes not applicable

Moti (was entered into FG race on 3-9, a MDC30 on turf)

2-14-19:  Away below average. Clean. Nibbled for recovery but stuck 5-6 wide through 1st turn. Awful.  Pace was contested early and faster than normal for sure. Advanced a bit out of the first turn while maintaining a wide path. No breaks on ground loss into far turn. Stuck 5-6 wide again. 4 wide down the lane while still grinding. Tired and fought on.  3-5* winner was from Amoss barn.  This was an awful, awful trip, but might see it again if he gets in!

Market Garden – notes not applicable


Race 4

Distorted Ransom

2-17-19:  Winner of this race was bet well – from 10-1 to 5-1. Pace was normal with early leaders contesting with an eye ball duel.  Away well. Clean. In a great spot early, clearly stalking the eye balling duelers. Had time to move when asked to go when 2 outside foes were going around this one but he couldn’t quicken. Token ride from there as he was simply outrun. Bad run with a great trip. Closer wins with the two dueling holding place and show money.

Turner Time

3-15-19:  Away OK. Clean. In a bit tight early but held rail well.  Saved ground entering and through the far turn. At rail through lane and patiently ridden to find a seam. When one presented itself, this one ran on nicely for a relatively easy score.  Sharp horse didn’t allow tight quarters early intimidate him.


2-24-19:  Away fine. Clean. Contested pace early with 4 across. This one had a good spot right behind them and eased to the rail to continue his stalk. Nibbled to hold that spot.  Success. Loose pocket entering the far turn and on hold. Patient. Nearing the top of the stretch the leader moved to the 2-3 path and this ran on through. Dream trip.  Got the nod but had an absolutely perfect trip.


2-24-19:  Away fine. Clean. Allowed to settle at the back of the first flight through the 1st turn while in 2-3 path. In clear with open air down the backstretch. Moved to rail and advanced entering the far turn. On hold. Looking good. Saved ground through turn and easing out late in turn. Tried to ease out to have a clear shot in the lane but outside foe kept this one in. Boxed on but 2nd best.  Like the cutback here as this one looked good in the far turn, had a nice little spurt & then flattened.

El Bonito

3-21-19:  Away fine. Short field had dawdling pace. Early leader cleared and on tight hold. 4-5* tracking.  This one had a good enough spot at the rail while being nudged early to keep up.  Brief advance into a losse pocket 3rd before entering far tune.  Consistent nudging throughout. Saved ground through turn and through stretch.  Was unimpressive but likely needed the race anyway.  Believe this one will improve.

Bud’s Bayonet

3-15-19:  Away ½ length slow.  Below average run down the backstretch.  Was looking to go around an outside foe, so he paused briefly, and then an early mover took that spot.  Was shuffled a bit as a result.  Nibbled at entering the far turn and the field got away from this one. In 2 path through turn and urged left handed to get outside in the lane (which never happened), but ran good through the lane anyway.  Not the greatest of trips & the price will certainly be right.

Itsthebourbontalkn – notes not applicable

Man of Blues (was entered on 3-21 in TP’s 6th – a 12.5C event going 6F – same as El Bonito)

3-2-19:  Away fine. Clean. In the two path entering and through the first turn. This one was tugging pretty hard throughout and in between.  In a 5 horse race, this field dueled 4 across while 5-6 clear throughout, eventually getting run over (obviously) by the lone intelligent ride. Was tired early in turn and allowed to basically coast home.  Excused given the pitiful & nonchalant ride in for the last 3/8.

Taruca – notes not applicable

Ambidextrous Alex

3-15-19:  Away OK. Eased to the 3-4 path down the backstretch and decent advance early. 3-4 wide through turn and clear shot in lane. Was a 3 way fight down the lane with this one proving best.  Had a nice clear run throughout. Wouldn’t put much between this one and ‘Bayonet.’

Northern Ranger

3-23-19: Away well.  Clean.  A 3 across duel developed with this one having the slightest edge from the outside spot.  Ears forward entering the far turn.  One foe sucked out of the in between spot, creating now a 2 prong duel.  Was 3-2 wide throughout the turn.  Pushed past the last dueler by midway in the turn but a fresh challenge from a perfect trip stalker.  Fought hard down the lane and tiring late, just holding place spot while backing up.  This was a very good effort

El Jake O

3-15-19:  Away best. Clean and cleared easy. Rail entering far turn in a compact field. No excuses from here.  Some pressure by midway point of the turn wide sweepers. Easily maintained advantage through the turn and gradually kicked away from these in the stretch – but had no answers or resistance to the winner.

Lewys Vaporizer

2-22-19:  So-so break.  Looked like he may have brushed the gate a bit. Ridden for speed early from outside post.  Pace seemed quick.  Up to claim the tracking spot by the far turn entrance. Nudged along to stay with leader in the turn – these two pulling away from field. Clear shot in the lane. Under a drive to get past early leader with deep closers coming. Drifting a bit while being whipped left handed, barely breaking the gain of one of the deep closers…dq’d.  Would have won and was clearly best given the not so great start and doing to the dirty work to keep the leader honest.


Race 5


12-28-18:  To his knees and outward from the gate.  Wow. Back to last.  3 wide through the 1st turn.  LOL.  Clearly this jock has no clue of the importance of ground loss in turf racing.  Pace was slow and leader was clear and uncontested throughout.  Was gaining down the backstretch – but not a good thing as the accordion race flow was developing.  3 wide entering the far turn and the race turned into a sprint for home with the leader taking off. Asked in the turn while 4 wide and making no progress.  Finally moved to the rail when it didn’t matter and actually ridden a bit through the lane.  Why?  I have no idea.  Good gallop out.  If you ever want to teach your kids how “NOT” to ride on turf – this would be a good example.  Excused based on obvious trouble.

11-25-18:  Away 1 length slow.  In 2 path entering and throughout the first turn.  Pace seemed honest and field was strung out. On hold out of first turn while 3 wide.  Patient.  No choice for jock to remain 3 wide entering far turn. Nudged along midway in turn and shoved on late in turn. Eased to the 4 path and clear shot in the lane with slight lugin when jock demanded a lead switch.  Leveled nicely.  Ground loss was no good but closers dominated.  Peter Miller runs 1-2 in this one.

Instilled Regard

12-1-18:  Away with a mild bump. No big deal. Ridden for speed early. Wasn’t in the best spot early, in between on seemingly a faster than normal pace. In 2 path through the first turn, earning a clear stalk.  Coming out of the 1st turn it started to hit the fan.  Two early movers went by this one, putting him into a box. Outside and inside foes now about 1 length ahead of him and in between. Foes all around and no room get relief in any direction. Into far turn was in the 2 path. Now to rail midway in turn. More in between through the lane.  No chance at all in consideration of pace and trip.  Oh – and Chad Brown won the race with his other starter.   This is gets a pass and “follow.”


2-24-19:  Slight bobble away from the gate.  Lost a little ground but not a huge deal. No speed at all.  Pace seemed honest early.  At rail throughout the 1st turn.  Gaining coming out of the turn and early backstretch while on hold. Still at rail entering far turn.  Was strange – seemed to be going well enough and then absolutely laid down.  Something had to have happened.  Token ride from late in the far turn to wire.  Blinkers slated to go back on today.

Front Door – notes not applicable


2-8-19:  Away fine. Clean. No speed early and back to 3rd last. 2 wide through the first turn & under a good hold. Leader was clear by 3 and field strung out. Pace seemed honest.  A good go of it down the backstretch with plenty of open air in front – maybe 4 lengths or so. To the rail entering the far turn.  Looking good. Saved ground throughout turn and looking loaded at the top of the stretch. Eased out throught the lane with ease, earning a clear shot for the last 1/8. Leveled and blew past everyone. Good win. Great trip.

Sue Me – notes not applicable

Firey Speech – notes not applicable

Say The Word

12-1-18:  Away fine. Clean. To the rail almost immediately. Pace was slower than normal for the first half and then turned into a sprint for home. This one saved ground throughout while on hold. No real opportunity to move out until pace quickened and some holes showed up. Eased to the 3 path in the lane, this one bullied his way through a tight hole and leveled past everyone to win with plenty in the tank.  Overall I’d say this one had a good turf trip.

Bird’s Eye View

10-6-19:  I had this day as being a strong inside bias on this turf course. A touch washy.  Away fine. Clean. Pace was slow throughout and turned into semi-sprint for home with left 3/8 of a mile left.  Left the rail midway through the first turn. Stalking an eye ball duel out of first turn. 3 wide down backstretch.  Began moving in early in the far turn while 3 wide. Nudged along as pace quickened late in the turn. Clear stretch run while 3 wide but others had better trips.  Top 3 finishers all saved ground through the turns.  Based on track bias this one gets a pass for sure.

Cuestion de Tiempo

3-16-19:  Away OK. Clean. Ridden early to show speed. Tough spot entering the far turn with wall in front, in 2 path and in between. In between in spots and professional stretch drive.  Clearly this was a no try as the jock nudged this one along in the gallop out – and it was an impressive gallop out at that.  If I’m not mistaken the winner was a first time turfer and first off of the claim for Gerald Bennett.


2-18-19:  Away well. Clean.  To the rail right away and saved ground while relaxed throughout the 1st turn. Rail backstretch and a great trip thus far. Pace quickening.  Awaiting room late in turn.  Loaded. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Eased out to a seam and exploded through lane the last 1/16.  Impressive turn of foot.

Misspent Youth

2-8-19:  Away fine. Clean.  Two wide through the 1st turn with open air in front. Pace was honest with 3 length leader.  Good trip down backstretch with nobody around. Saving good ground through the far turn – just two wide with others being wider.  Rallied in between and eased to the 4 path for the drive. Decent stretch drive but it seemed like the entire field was there at the end. Never been a big fan of races like that.  Overall this one had a good trip.  Eh.

Admission Office – notes not applicable

Kearny County – notes not applicable

Bond Street (Ire)

2-23-19:  Away OK. Clean. Maintained rail with no issue through the first turn. Pace was normal. Leader was clear and uncontested. Maintained rail for entire backstretch and into far turn. No ask until late in turn. All out through the lane with mildest of traffic late in the game that didn’t matter. Even stateside debut. Would expect improvement.

Wild Shot – notes not applicable


Race 6 (not a fan of this race – as you’ll see.  Usually trying to eliminate some that have negative information – but several either ran well or have excuses)


2-17-19:  Winner was a first-time router that went wire to wire on a seemingly fast pace.  Away average. At rail and tugging into 1st turn. A losse pocket 3rd and a touch keen. Settled down backstretch and a loose pocket 3rd, earning the place position into the far turn. Ask to pick up the leader and nudged along while saving ground.  All out drive late in turn but winner spurted away. Overtaken for place spot.  More early speed than showed in last.

Blue Eyed Girl (Was entered into same class level race at TB on 2-10 on turf)

1-20-19:  Broke OK. Mild brush. Nudged for speed and took off into the 1st turn. Cleared and was uncontested. On hold in 2-3 path through turn. Backstretch arrived and good rhythm while well off the rail. Kicked away a bit entering the far turn.  Looked very strong. All out shove at midway point in the far turn.  Opened up. Professional stretch drive and very game down the lane when competition arrived.

Fun Finder

3-9-19:  Winner was Wesley Ward & bet down from 9-2 to 2-1*.  Away fine and clean. Was 5-4-3-2 wide through the first turn.  When crossing over some had some issues and in tight b.c of this one.  Pace was faster than normal. Made the top and finally cleared by ¾ leaving the 1st turn. Maintained a measured lead down the backstretch.  Looked good.  Slightest of nibbles entering the far turn. Good spurt. Engaged late in the turn and big shove now.  Tried hard to stick with this one but couldn’t.  This was a good run.

Crafty’s Dream

3-16-19:  Away well. Clean. On hold early. Pace was a DAWDLE and field very compact early. Leader and eventual winner who was 1-1* was clear and uncontested throughout.  Top 7 horses within 4 lengths of the lead after 3/8.  Eased off of rail down backstretch. Around a foe entering far turn.  Two wide entering the far turn, nudging for a bit more in turn & eventuall let loose at the midway point in the far turn.  Eased 3-4-5 wide in turn and began to take off. Sustained run from there and claimed place spot.  Impressive.

Shacklette (Interesting that this one was entered into Gulfstream Park Oaks but scratched).

3-13-19:  Away well. Clean. Was 3 wide early and ceded early speed to 2 rail foes. Pace was faster than normal. Was tracking in 3rd. Outside foe came to this one and jock immediately asked to hold his spot. This one took off and basically sustained a ½ mile run to the wire. Average gallop out.

Mo Gayle

2-23-19:  Away well. Clean. Allowed to settle in next to last. Got dropped on by outside foe after an 1/8 and shuffled a bit. Advancing late in backstretch and to rail entering turn. 2 wide through the turn and in between a touch. On hold now. Cut to the rail at the top of the stretch and a clear shot from there. OK drive. Galloped out better than everyone. Interesting.


3-9-19:  Away best. Clean. Pace was slower than normal early with very compact field. This one a slight shuffle after ¼. In between and three wide entering the far turn. Nudged for more. In the clear by midway in the far turn, but only because the field left her behind.  Some shoving late in the turn and through the lane, but jock was exactly riding this one out.  Would say this one had a good enough trip – just tough competition.


3-23-19:  Mild bump at start was no big deal. Reserved early but stuck 3 wide entering and throughout most of the first turn.  Three wide down the backstretch on what was seemingly a slow pace, this one was one of the accordion horses, getting closer but the speed getting a breather. Stuck wide into the 2nd turn – 4-5 wide throughout this turn with speed now getting away. Midway in the far turn this began the widest journey in the race while being shoved.  Wire to wire winner.  Had big pace disadvantage & wide trip.


Remarkable Soul

3-1-19:  Away best & clean. Straight to front and rail. Pace was slow and field compact. Dawdling with no pressure down backstretch. Clear entering far turn while at rail. No ask. On hold until late in the far turn. Asked and spurted away from stalker.  Easy win but couldn’t have asked for a better trip from the very first jump from the gate.

Tiz Ella – notes not applicable

High Regard

3-2-19:  Stumbled badly at the start & back to last early. Pace was slow for these with the big favorite Jawalk stalking. Caught up a bit down the backstretch and 3-4 wide entering far turn. Was easily passed from a back marker and packed it in by midway in the far turn.  This one never ran at all – but jock interestingly sticks around.

Kettle Valley – notes not applicable


Race 7

Yes I Am Free

2-23-19:  Away well. Clean. To the rail early. Ceded lead and perfect trip stalking a duel at the rail through turn.  Eased out late in the turn and asked to pick up duelers.  Clear shot while 3-4 in the lane and got job done.  Couldn’t have had a better trip.

Vivid Verse

12-15-18:  Away well. Clean. Not asked but good speed. Perfect stalk at rail entering far turn. Saved ground through turn and eased out to pick up top 2 at the top of the stretch.  This was basically a carbon copy trip of the rail horse on 2-23.  Perfect trip.

Tobacco Road

2-10-19:  Away well. Clean. No asked early and allowed to tracked in 3rd early. Good position with 2-3 lengths of open air, following the top 2.  Saved ground through the first part of the turn and then moved out too early. 3 wide late in the turn and clear shot down the lane.  Tried hard to pick up the speed but just missed catching the 1-1*.  Back marker was coming hard for show money.

Joyful Heart – notes not applicable


3-8-19:  Away quick and clean. Not asked early and allowed to track early. Field compact early and pace slower than normal. 2 wide entering the far turn while on hold. Early engage through the turn. On hold until the stretch, easily getting past the early leader and now being shoved while 1-2 lengths clear.  Looked home but packed it in late and was backing up when wire arrived.  The foe that this one put away at the top of the stretch was actually gaining into this one at the wire – was clearly tired.

Real News

3-8-19:  Away well. Clean. Some nibbling early. Loosening pocket at rail entering the far turn.  Good spot.  Patient through turn. In a box into the  stretch. Begging for room.  Took back and around the outside foe that was keeping this one in.  Leveled and took off after clear leader.  Was absolutely blowing by this one…in 5 more strides the nose would have been 2+ lengths.  Definitely better than Vogt.

Hawaiian Noises – notes not applicable

Gladiator King

2-23-19:  Slight hop at the start. Lost a length. Quick recovery while being shoved on for speed. Up to engage leader while 2 wide into the far turn. Pace was faster than normal. For whatever reason the jock moved 3 wide through the turn. Shoved on late in the turn & fighting for the lead.  Never switched leads and lost to a perfect tripper.  This was not a very good trip – and definitely prefer this one over the rail horse.


2-28-19:  Away OK. Clean. Not asked and cleared for fun. Pace was slower than normal. On hold and able to dive into the far turn. Saved ground through turn and jock not moving a muscle. Mild shoving didn’t come until midway in the stretch.  Good looking filly with a nice gallop out.  Good trip but “ran away from the good trip” also (she didn’t just plod home).

Mick’s Star – notes not applicable

Strike Silver

11-2-18:  Away OK. Clean. Better speed shown today. Tugging and right behind leader early that had a rocket start.  Bad spot entering the far turn and worse spot early in turn. In between and clearly unhappy.  Tight quarters and turn arriving never a good thing. From the late stages of the far turn to the wire this one had a clear run while in the 3-4-3 path. Was running OK in stretch and rail foe took this one’s spot.  Wasn’t going to threaten anyway with this trip, but it hurt his standing in the race – could have finished 4th???  Excused.

10-7-19:  Broke in & then bumped out & then back in at the start. Back to last.  On hold while in last – jock was shaving the turn – only other option was to get a nice view of the parking lot. Finally done shaving at the top of the stretch, moved out and literally blew by the entire field in 1/8 of a mile.  WOW.  Was a terrible start and an impressive run, but also benefitted by a massive meltdown as the pace was hot.


11-2-18:  Was bet hard in the horizontal will pays.  Caught a flyer from the gate and clear more than a length after just 7 strides.  Ears forward and on hold early. Nudged entering the far turn.  Ridden but ears still forward.  Hard ask after saving ground through the turn and ran away from stalker for easy win.  Ears still flipping around at the wire. Will have to beat me today – had a great trip and others were basically eliminated.

Chelsea Cloisters

11-2-18:  Away well. Clean. Filly found good spot with clear track down the backstretch. On hold and early engage of the leader into far turn. Looked strong. While in 3 path through turn.  Set down at top of stretch with a clear shot. Had no answers for the leader and eventual winner and was lucky to hold place spot with deep closers coming on from what seemed to be a slow pace for this class and distance. Not on my tickets.

Dom Carlos

6-23-18:  Away OK. Didn’t seem to have much speed. Was blowing by this entire field the last ¼.  Good Lord!  This horse can really run.  Winner was the favorite in the BC Juvenile Sprint in ’18 that got left in the gate and then blasted off into a box to have no chance.  If this horse is healthy & fit…he will be very, very tough.  When you watch the race from the regular view it looks OK – but when you watch from the stands side pan view – you really see how much better this one was vs the rest.


2-10-19:  Away fine. No speed and to last early. On hold entering far turn. 2 wide through the turn & advancing while on hold.  Eased very wide late in the turn. 3-4-5-6-7+ wide.  All out shoving at top of stretch. Was running well late and would have picked up the winner sooner, but not certain he was getting by the place finisher despite running well, late.

Front Office – notes not applicable.


Race 8

Pepper Them Girl

3-16-19:  Away OK. Clean. Shortly after the start was steadied very slightly while in between.  Wasn’t a big deal.  Pace was contested and fast with the top 4 in a 5 horse field mixing it up quite a bit.  This one just lagged well behind, made a big move and barely got by the 1-1* who was battling with this one while tired through the lane.  Yuck.


3-2-19:  Was bet down from 10-1 ML.  Small leep and away a length+ slow. Asked and very quick recover. On hold behind speed and going well down the backstretch.  3-4 wide entering the far turn and advancing well by the midway point of the turn.  Clear shot down the lane and a nice stretch run.  Nice gallop out with ears forward. More here and missed the start  a bit.

Genuwine – notes not applicable

Trophy Doll (Ire) – notes not applicable

Channing Road

2-27-19:  Away fine. Clean. Asked hard for speed and all out shove into the first turn. Clear by midway point of 1st turn. Nibbled at to maintain a clear lead while several right behind on hold. Nudging right out of the turn. Left rail open and inside foe went right by this one to claim lead. Backed up from here despite being whipped, well….let’s count….24 times from midway in the turn home, 13 of these being consecutive.  Can someone please have this jock arrested!!  Needless to say this was an uninspired effort and would pass.

Five Star Factor

2-21-19:  Away OK. Clean. Top 3 early were mildly contesting the lead. This one allowed to settle near the back. Nibbled at and moving up in between by midway point of the turn while 2-3 wide. Clear shot down the lane while clear and had no offering.  Only excuse could be track.

1-16-19:  Away well. Clean. Nibbled at early for speed. Found rail into 1st turn.  A good thing here! Had a short lead out of the first turn and pace was moderate. Looking good into far turn. Still at rail with lead.  Engaged midway in turn and fighting. Tired in lane while never switching leads.  Not a fan of this effort.  Had a good trip at wood and no real resistance to top 2.

Miss Harry

3-20-19:  Away fine. Clean.  Tough spot down the backstretch while in between in 2 path with foes in front also.  Ugh. Field was compact and pace slower than normal. Trackers were stacked 4 across.  Not surprisingly, when the turn came and in between, sucked out of that spot. To rail from there – saved ground the rest of the way and clear stretch drive while also right at the fence. Stretch was even.  Winner was 13-1 shot that had perfect, clear stalking trip.  Given the short break, the tough go while in between and pace – I’d probably give a pass.

Tolly Ho

2-21-19:  Away OK. Clean. No real ask and up to challenge for the lead from the rail. Has some natural speed.  These top two early were hooked 3+ clear down backstretch and threw down the entire race.  This one had rail spot through the lane and fought gallantly, winning a massive head bob for the score.  Didn’t look at the rest of the card, but rarely do hooked foes go all the way – might have been a speed bias track???

Ipanema Beach – notes not applicable

Giro Kate

1-2-19: Broke quick and inward at start.  Mild bump.  No big deal.  Despite quick first jump this one had no speed.  Near the back down backstretch. Pace seemed fast with top 3 well clear of field.  Moving towards the turn this one was in the two path and advancing – looking for room in between horses. Pushing through tight quarters.  Pretty sure this jock doesn’t value life. Stalled when went in between for quite a ways. Finally pushed through and you can you see notable acceleration and then a rail foe moved outward into the path of this one, causing an immediate pause.  To rail after that and finally a clear go while at the rail late in turn and through the lane.  Good stretch run.  This one is much better than looked and an absolute follow and love that he is getting blinkers.

Urban Kat – notes not applicable

Nautia (was entered on 3-14 at GP in 10C affair)

2-28-19:  Away fine. Clean.  No speed and at rail through first turn. Clear leader was uncontested early. Pace seemed slower than normal for these.  4-5* wins.  Nothing to mention down the backstretch run.  Began asking early in far turn while at the rail.  Around early leader who was being eased and some shoving. At rail through dive with token asking by jock.  Needs lesser which she finds today, but still tough to endorse and a “no play” for me.



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