Benny’s 2yo Trips for Saturday and Sunday at SAR


Race 4

Kowalski – was entered on turf in a MSW affair at CD on 6-21 but SCR

Race Note: Was 10-1 ML.  This one was murdered at the windows – and for a barn that ALMOST NEVER wins first time out.  Five horses were bet down from their ML odds in this one and three of them ran 1-2-3.

Trip Note:  Was off slowly.  At least 2 lengths.  No real ask early. Was in BTW and a bully, pulling his way through two back markers with ease.  Impressive for the first 1/8 of his racing career.  Gaining into the far turn with zero ask. Caught first flight past the midway point of the far turn and still no ask.  Eased out late in turn. 2-3-4-5-6W for a clear shot in lane.  Flattened mid-stretch but was very, very impressive.  I will be betting.


Race 7

Proven Strategies


Race Note:  Was 8-1 ML and hammered relative to the rest of the runners and their ML’s.

Trip Note:  Away quick. Holding head high not long after the start – I have no idea why as he was in the clear with no throwback.  Has pretty good speed.  Was nudged along into the far turn while 3W.  Was a bit green at the top of the stretch while being passed.  In BTW in lane and ran find late, but would tread lightly on one like this that had no real reason to so such greenness.


Hard Sting


Race Note:  Was 12-1 ML.  Winner went wire to wire for Linda Rice at 3-1.

Trip Note:  Didn’t brush gate as PP’s suggest but was off 1+ lengths slow and also broke inward – not helping the slower break.  Very STRANGE ride (I’m winking at you).  Was moving fine when outside runner dropped to the rail in front of this one. Could have paused a bit, but paused A TON! ALL THE WAY BACK TO LAST BY SEVERAL MORE THAN NEEDED. I’d have been furious had I wagered on this one. On hold in last, losing ground every stride and no ask.  No ask through turn.  Arrived at top of stretch ON HOLD!!  Hit left handed a couple of times and gaining – but then not permitted to gallop out.  What the BLEEP!!  I’m convinced this horse can run.


Crossing the Moon


Race Note:  Was 8-1 ML.  Five horses were bet down from their ML odds in this one and three of them ran 1-2-3.  McPeek almost always under 5% WITH first time starters.  Interesting that he ends up here and not the 4th race – gotta think you’re gonna into Chad and others and his turf pedigree is questionable at best against this bunch.

Trip Note:  Away very well.  Clean.  Good speed.  On hold while 4W backstretch. Moved 3W into far turn and near lead. Clear shot throughout and outrun from inside and outside runners – behind and in front.  If he wins I’ll lose.  Only excuse could be that he wasn’t ready.



Race 1

Macho Boy


Race Note:  Was 6-1 ML.  Decent action on debut.  No track bias this day.  Stalkers ran 1-2 and deeper closer 3rd. Winner was 5-2 for Servis.  Favorite was a Mott FTS that was hammered at the windows and nowhere at finish.  Only one horse had run in here and the rest were FTS.

Trip Note: Slightest of brushes away from gate but otherwise broke fine.  Reserved.  Made a nice split in the turn and was rallying.  Eased for a wider run late in the turn and now a clear shot in the lane.  Even from there….but this trainer’s horses usually improve with racing.


Cleon Jones


Race Note:  Was 5-2 ML and one of only two in the race that were underlays. Solid tote action.  Winner and last place finishers were only two to back since raced.  The winner was beat a nose in the Violette Stakes on 7-17 while contesting a fast pace throughout (in a monsoon).

Trip Note:  Boy was this a sneaky, horrendous trip!  Broke inward from the gate. Ridden early from the gate but outquicked b.c of inward break. Has speed.  Was moving well at the rail but ran up on the heels of a stalking foe and had to steady pretty good.  Shuffled some and was a bit green. Pause and then off the rail to follow what was now a wall of four.  3-4W late in turn and eased out to 5-6 path for lane.  Even stretch.  No chance with this trip and the race seems strong given the winner’s recent effort.

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