Benny’s Back: Trip Notes for Friday’s GP Card (3/1/19)

The man, the myth, the legend. Just a few weeks ago no one had heard of Benny Southstreet. Now he’s the talk of the horseplayer world. Many folks have come out of the woodwork asking me, “Who is Benny?” These days, you can find out for yourself on Twitter via @BSouthstreet.

My favorite thing about Benny is that he is aficionado of snakes, and much like the rattlesnakes he admires, you never know when he’ll strike. It could be a big day like Southwest day at Oaklawn, or a random Friday at Gulfstream Park.

All you really need to know about Benny is that he’s a hard working grinder who owes me from a little incident that occurred around 10 years ago on Caroline Street in Saratoga where I had to help him out of a jam. He’s paying off his debt the only way he knows how — by sharing his trip work with the In the Money audience. Who is Benny Southstreet, really? Well, I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you. Take it away, Benny!

Before we begin, this is just a reminder that these are merely trip notes, not picks.  Just because a horse has a bad trip doesn’t by any means that he is an automatic play back next out, and the same goes for betting against horses that had good trips.  These notes are merely to help you along the way.  Happy hunting.  Benny.

Race 1:


  • 10/25/18: Away OK & good speed. Found rail and lead early. Ceded lead to hellbent 50-1 shot. Pace was fast and 2-3-4 finishers were all deep closers. Eased to 2 path for clear stalk. Up to engage leader early down backstretch, then a slight back off. No breathers for early speed. Ridden hard by midway in turn and up for lead. Green nearing top of stretch. When she made a clear lead her ears went forward and she almost waited on foes. Inside foe challenged inside 1/16 pole and right when Dramamina saw her she moved away again. Game win given pace and expecting improvement.

Bobby Lee – (no turf racing to note)

Bygollymissdollyobby – (no turf racing to note)


  • 2/8/19: Away OK. At rail through first turn. In great spot by herself down backstretch and positioned to save ground while tracking hooked duelers from 4-5 off of the pace. Some nibbling late in backstretch entering far turn. Ridden hard midway in far turn while saving ground throughout. Barely got by one of the early hooked duelers while tiring in lane and slightly drifting out. Winner was last to first. Yuck.

Courtesy Notice  

  • 1/25/19: Broke well & clean. Immediately to rail. A 4-across duel entering first turn with this one right behind at rail. Perfect spot. Amazing spot at rail out of first turn. Loose pocket 4th. Ease to 2 path entering far turn. Pace picked up by up front speeds, allowing this one a clear spot in 2 path in turn, still tracking duel. Hard ask to 3 path late in turn. Couldn’t have had a better trip.

Catherines Warrior

  • 2/2/19: Broke well and clean. Good speed to earn a good position entering 1st turn, actually easing from 3 path to 2 path to the rail by the time she left the turn. Great ride. Pace seemed normal. At rail in best spot down backstretch. Saved ground throughout 2nd turn. Eased to 2 path late in turn & clear shot from there, barely prevailing. If you watch 100 races from the 12 hole on grass, you won’t find many trips better than this one.


  • 2/7/19: Broke well and clean. Good spot at rail into first turn. On snug hold through turn while saving ground. Good spot down backstretch. Pace was normal. At rail in turn and advancing with no trouble. Eased to 3 path midway in turn while going around. Then to 4 path late in turn. Clear shot in stretch and big run through lane. Good trip but clearly was best against these.
  • 2/2/19: Broke just OK. Found good enough spot entering the 1st turn but a bit keen for an 1/8 or so. 2 path leaving 1st turn. In between briefly and then pushed forward entering far turn to avoid that spot. 3-4 wide early in turn. Was on hold in turn albeit wide, then pushed 5-6-7-8+ wide & in turn while being fouled!  The jock fouling this one (Tyler Gafflione) CLEARLY WAS TALKING TO THE OTHER JOCK WHILE THIS WAS HAPPENING. More bumping at top of stretch and then token riding in from there. Bizarre race and worth following because of unusual trouble.

Trixie’s Time

  • 2/8/19: Broke well and immediately into hooked duel early. 3-2 wide through 1st turn. Eye ball with inside doe until midway in 2nd turn when this one gradually pushed ahead of other dueler. Nibbled late in turn and clear lead now. Was tired & unable to offer real resistance. Definitely gets a pass from this race & was clearly best with last to first winner and place horse (6-5*) a perfect trip 2nd.

Samis Car

  • 2/8/19: Away well & to lead at rail. Hooked right away with outside foe while going fast. Rated in eye ball duel throughout. Ridden to keep up with other speed midway in turn. All in. Tired & backed up in stretch with other dueler a mile better than this one. Winner went last to first. Likely needed race but will need huge move up.


  • 1/25/19: Broke fine. Hard ask early to not get stacked wide from 12 hole. 3 wide into and through first turn. Stalked leader (6-5*) from 2 path down backstretch. Pace was normal for these. Pretty good ask entering far turn to avoid getting shuffled and maintain stalk. Success was short lived as was all in midway in turn and shuffled by passers. Rider grabbed up quickly and allowed this one to coast in, literally looking around to make sure this “coast” was not getting in the way of other closers. Gets a pass based on a few factors. Post, class level, wasn’t beat up to run this race.

Race 2:


  • 9/3/18: Broke well. Allowed to settle in 3rd, stalking a measured eye ball duel while 3 wide. Pace was a dawdle for these with 7 horses within 5 lengths of the lead entering far turn. Still a great spot. Three wide entering turn and cruised into the duel while 3 wide midway in turn & looked like sure winner. Never got to the rail horse that was dueling.
  • 8/4/18: Away fine. Good speed to track and then paused to allow a duel to go around. Worked perfectly. Around duel with eased and drew away in the lane under encouragement. Coasted in the last 50 yards with his ears flipping around and very good gallop out.


  • 7/12/18: A flyer from the gate. Clear 2 lengths after 7 or 8 jumps. Rating while clear. Tracker was 4 clear of third horse. Asked late in turn and not a fair fight, opening up at will and jogging home under wraps with ears forward and listening for cue. Irad petting this across wire and turning around to talk to his brother on the gallop out, clearly excited. Very professional action from head on view.

The Boss Factor – (no turf racing to note)

Ourbestfriend D L

  • 2/10/19: First time in blinkers and didn’t break all that great. Some bumping. Recovery and quick advance at rail. Was going to make a run at lead and outside foe dropped to rail spot causing this one to tap the breaks. Seemed to have horse at rail in turn but not able to quicken and coasted in during stretch. Feel like if this one earns the top early he will be dangerous one day.
  • 1/13/19: Away fine. Some scrambling for position early by almost entire field early. Mildest of shuffles entering far turn. Quick recover and around a foe into 2 path in turn. Eased to 3 path while going around late in turn and clear shot in stretch. Looked like a winner but just couldn’t get to the wire to wire winner which had a great trip, clearing a field that had several trying early.


  • 1/18/19: Broke OK. Perfect stalk of first timer that was a 2-3 length leader throughout. Ask midway in turn and clear shot. Was clearly best.

Race 3:

My Mr. Wonderful

  • 2/10/19: Away OK. Asked for speed early and was in an in between spot and had to pause after an 1/8. To rail entering far turn while in hand. Now asked for more and no advance…actually losing ground. Rider gave ride through the stretch after already well beaten.  Feel like this one needs longer and needs lead.


  • 2/9/19: Broke OK. Asked hard for speed early. Didn’t find the best spot. Was tracking leader near inside while 3 foes stacked behind leader.  This is not the place to be at this track. Huge outside bias this day. Began fade at midway point in turn. Excused given the pace and track bias.
  • 1/19/19: Away fine and hooked on outside while 3 clear after 1/4. Pace was fast. Put away the other speed by midway point of turn but was tired in deep stretch and passed by several. Closers dominated this race and ran well considering.

High Mischief

  • 2/10/19: Broke very well and hustled for speed. Steadily outrun after the great break and backed up throughout. No thanks.

Cape Marco Drive

  • 2/2/19: Away clean. Reserved while very wide on dawdling pace down backstretch. Asked entering turn and decent move while 5 wide early in turn. Got to a joint 4th by midturn and began fading, getting pushed out of the way into 7 path by deeper closer. Jock didn’t quit riding. He’d be impossible to play just based off of PP’s, but his brief little move would make me consider a bottom position in verticals. Winner was first time Delgado that was hammered from 10-1 M/L to 9-5* and won by a pole.

Irish Letters

  • 2/15/19: Break a bit slow. Lost a length or more. Recovering down backstretch. At rail into far turn and ridden to keep up. Didn’t make any impression through lane but was trying. Start didn’t help. 4-5* a very distant 3rd.

Candy Max

  • 2/15/19: Lifted and turned head at start and missed break. Lost 4 lengths or so. Played catchup early while very wide down backstretch and 3 wide entering turn. Tiring and drifting wide in turn. Tried hard in lane and wasn’t terrible considering start. 4-5* a very distant 3rd.
  • 2/2/19: Broke fine. Up near lead while getting to fence for stalk down the backstretch. Great spot early in turn with open air at rail. Ridden in turn and looking for a spot – the red sea parted. Clear shot late in turn and into stretch.  Winner was first time Delgado that was hammered from 10-1 M/L to 9-5* and won by a pole.

Emperor John

  • 1/6/19: Missed start and last early. Lost 3+ lengths. Immediately dragged to outside. Began making up ground gradually down backstretch. Up to second while 3 wide early in far turn. Was fighting for lead and claimed it by top of stretch. Tired last 1/8 and was obviously best.

Race 4:

Sky Point

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1st-OUT-2nd-3rd.  Broke good.  Clean.  Was in the 4-5 path and then suddenly moved to the 7 path for no reason. Was similarly wide in turn, maybe 6 wide (PP’s say 3 wide – laughable).  In the stretch the jock had a hard time controlling this one. Could have finished 3rd, but well, cough cough, I’m not sure what was going on with horse and rider down the lane but let’s just say it wasn’t the most energetic ride I’ve ever seen. Watch the head on and decide for yourself.  In any case, this one is race ABSOLUTELY worth following and a better effort is expected.

Accountant Q

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.  Broke good & clean. Hustled for speed.  Good spot with open air in front. 3 wide in turn and all in mid turn. Boxed on while a “loose in between” in the lane and won every nostril hair of the bob to claim third.  Could have easily finished 7th.

Nation U S A

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.  Slight bobble at the start costing some momentum loss early. Was very wide down the backstretch. Maybe 7 or 8 wide. Stuck very wide in the turn throughout. Even stretch. Wasn’t a great trip but still think others are better.

King Wade

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.  Broke clean and asked for speed early. Simply out-quicked. To rail in turn and still being ridden for more. Rider knew he was done and gave up, grabbing ahold and coasting in from the ¼ pole.

Awesome Stack – (no turf racing to note)

Starship Taxi

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.  Away well. Clean. Was stacked 2 wide and tracking very fast pace throughout from 2-3 path throughout. All in midway in turn and tiring stretch. Given the fast pace this one wasn’t terrible.

He’s Incredible

  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.


  • 2/15/19: Pace was fast and field strung-out. Leader was quickly clear by a 3 throughout and went wire to wire at 43-1.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-2-3.  Away fine and asked for speed. Didn’t make the top and then to what ended up being a joint second at the rail. Outrun for that spot and regulated to 4th, rider starting asking this one keep up. Continual outside flow hurt this one. Drove through on the rail in stretch and finished with good energy.  This was a subtle, poor trip.

Race 5:

Sycamore Lane

  • 1/17/19: Away fine. Clean. Pace was measured and slower than normal and winner was wire to wire. This one found 2 path through 1st turn. Eased to 3 path down backstretch – less than ideal given shape of race. Asked and moved midway in turn. Stuck 4 wide when up to 1 length from lead and then began to stall and backup. Token ride in stretch. Brief bid off the bench might be a hint of not being fit.

Cowboy’s Hero

  • 1/23/19: Broke well and clean. Three wide entering and through first turn. 3-4 wide backstretch. Stuck 4 wide entering far turn. Up to engage leader at top of stretch and run over for win, barely holding off 2 runners for place spot. Not a great trip considering ground loss.  Mid runners ran 1-2-3-4 and can say this one had the worst trip of those top 4.

The Green Mo’ster

  • 2/2/19: Away well and clean. Pace seemed measured and field was compact throughout. Found rail into first turn and saved ground throughout. Loose pocket in great spot at rail out of turn and all the way down backstretch. Asked hard late in turn into top of stretch while staying at rail. Was competing for lead when leader, while being hit right handed, shied a bit from rail into this one. Obvious trouble. Hard to tell what would have happened.  My gut is that this one had a perfect trip up until this point and trouble didn’t cost the win, but would have finished 2nd – but hard to say. I believe this one will be overbet. Watch this replay and decide for yourself. I claim Switzerland (not the horse, the country) on this one.

Flatlined – Layoff and big drop. Trip notes N/A.

Souper Scat Daddy

  • 1/31/19: Top two early were top two late. Broke OK. Nibbled for speed early and then ceded lead to outside foe. Early leader a run off by 6 leaving first turn. This one a perfect stalk to the rest of the field. Nibbled entering far turn. Up to engage lead by top of stretch, grinding and edging by early speed. Was second best to place horse.

Peacock Kitten

  • 12/30/18: Away well and clean. Good speed to easily claim early lead. Clear and uncontested on compact field through first turn. Dawdling. Maintained dawdle down most of backstretch and then pace picked up entering far turn. Engaged for lead late in turn by 1-1* and spurted away again. Was run over inside 1/16 pole by the other Maker who had a perfect trip while a loose pocket 3rd for most of the race. Overall a very good trip.

County Court

  • 1/2/19: Not the best break – a bit slow and bumped inward a tad – back to last. Easily to rail and asked a bit to not get too far back and hold rail – success. Pace seemed on fast side. Rail down backstretch and entering far turn while reserved. Nibbling early in second turn. Made up ground from here until the wire while saving ground and easing to two path but tough to tell how great the ground makeup was based on pace and ground saved. My gut says that this one’s early trouble and late success is trumped by pace benefit and ground save.

War Stroll – race are sprints or too far back to be considered for trip notes.

Camp Creek – Sporadic races, big difference in distances & class – trip notes N/A.

Race 6:

Career Move

  • 1/20/19: Was 10 M/L.  Winner went wire to wire. Away OK.  Brief pause after 1/8 and slight shuffle. After about 3/16 a slight pause by jock. Didn’t see any reason why – could have been throw back. Stuck 3 wide entering far turn and began making up a little ground. Gafflione had no desperation while slightly backing up midway in turn, then got pushed out of the way by deeper closer. Rider had given up, horse switched leads in turn, and coasted the last ¼. A clear line through this effort given track condition.

Luxe Diamond (Was entered on 2-22-19 5FT MDC 50 but was scratched.  Was entered on 2-20-19 in 8FT MSW but was scratched)

  • 1/1/19: Pace was fast in this one with wire to wire winner by many. Away OK & than inside and outside foe came together and this one steadied pretty good losing 2 lengths+. Very quick recover while now moved to the 4 path. 3 wide entering far turn and now stalling from the early bid, this one was evenly the rest of the way. Excused effort and definitely some speed here.

Elite Appeal

  • 2/9/19: 2-5* Pletcher is life and death to win and had weak gallop out.

Broke best and asked hard for speed early. Made the top into the first turn (cleared) and pace was slow. Compact field. Made the mistake of leaving the rail and inside foe took the lead from this one and then the outer flow (2 horses) took up the chase of the new leader, relegating this one to a chasing position from the 4 path now. Lost ground gradually down the entire backstretch while not really being asked. 4-5 path+ in turn and even stretch. Was a strange ride given the aggressive ask early and then all but allowed her to lose position after position. Believe more might be here.

My Switcharoo

  • 1/20/19: Was 10 M/L.  Winner went wire to wire. Broke well and clean. Was showing good speed when got dropped on by outside speed and then got a “sneaky shuffle (non-obvious),” losing a couple of lengths and 3 positions. Began to show interest midway in turn, easing out of 2 path to go 3-4-5-6 wide entering lane. Good stretch drive to claim 2nd.  Subtle trouble and definitely BTL (Ed Note: Better Than Looked).

Race 7:

Even Beat (Was entered on 1/1/19 for 7.5FT 30C but scratched.)

  • 10/13/18: Slight leap from start and then pushed in a bit. Became rank before first turn arrived and pulled from in between throughout the entire first turn. There was no settle at all and coming out of first turn rider finally allowed a run and took off 3 wide to engage the top 2. Grabbed up and back to third now to stalk entering far turn. Asked to pick up leaders while 3 wide late in turn. Not able. Was tired and never switched leads while being allowed to jog in for last 3/16 or so.  This one had no chance with this trip and is excused x 10. This one needs lead or won’t relax.

Moonlight Rain

  • 1/31/19: Broke fine. Rider was able to navigate to the rail for first turn run. Saved ground throughout first turn. Down backstretch rider allowed this one to move forward when getting close far turn but didn’t make it and back to same spot. Stayed at fence throughout turn. Compact field entering top of stretch & was last at rail. Rider clearly apprehensive about pushing through in tight quarters and just nursed through lane. Was BTL but unsure about how much better. Despite compact field the winner and place horse were last and next to last early.

Berning Repent

  • 12/5/18: Broke well and clear lead early. Rank stalker bolted and took a foe with him into first turn, allowing for a continued lone speed trip. Pace was measured with a few troubled early in this one. Entered backstretch in front and on hold. Token pressure and back to clear lead. Into far turn with mild nibbling now to hold off outside stalker. Succeeded in holding off that one but the loose pocket tracker moved around these two for a clear shot in the lane and overhauled them both for the win. Top 2 both had perfect, perfect trips.

I’m Listening (Was entered for 1/16/19 dirt affair at 5.5F 30C but was scratched)

  • 1/1/19: Broke fine. Clean. Jock blew it early on this one. Could have eased to rail early yet opted to 4-3-2 path through first turn. Pace seemed normal but field was well strung out. Settled fine down backstretch. 3 wide entering far turn and began picking off foes with no real ask. Was pushed to the 4 path late in the turn by rail foe moving around top 2 and jock didn’t do a very good job of saving ground with this one, drifting wider than needed entering lane. Was about 2 lengths of lead when rider at top of stretch when rider hit this one two times right handed causing a drift in and clipped heels. Lost action at this point. Rails at 10-12 feet hurt this one’s cause also. Glad to see a rider switch. This was a bad grass ride for sure and was BTL.

Pass It On

  • 2/7/19: Broke well and asked for some speed early. Pretty good charge for the lead early so opted to relax. Moved to 2 path midway in first turn. Stalking position down backstretch and hard ask entering far turn. Moved 3 wide for lead but was getting around on both sides and basically had to concede position to the others. Token ride most of stretch. Top 4 in this race were all deep closers.

Power Empire (Jpn) – (no turf racing to note)

Tiz Priceless

  • 1/1/19: Broke well.  Clean. Cleared early and set what seemed to be a normal pace with field well strung out. Well clear throughout, got a breather the second quarter. Kicked well when asked and overtaken late. All n all this was a good trip, and rails being maybe 10-12 feet helped this one’s cause also.


  • 1/31/19: Broke well and clean. Easily cleared early and uncontested throughout first turn and entire backstretch. Backstretch got a breather, too. Mild pressure early in turn & easily kicked away a bit. Asked late in turn to kick away & offered no resistance to stretch runners. This was a very good trip.
  • 12/5/18: Broke well and clear stalk at rail early. Rank stalker bolted and took a foe with him into first turn, allowing for a continued lone speed trip. Pace was measured with a few troubled early in this one. Entered and down backstretch in great spot at rail plenty of open air all around. Saved ground through turn and loaded late in turn. Eased to 3 path nearing top of stretch for clear shot. Very good kick in stretch and right by the lone speed.

Miss Accuse

  • 1/10/19: Broke fine. Clean. Good speed early but stuck 3 wide into and through 1st turn. Not able to get over. Three wide onto backstretch, tracking the tracker and 2 back. Three wide through turn and moving for lead midway in turn. Drifted a bit entering stretch and easily pushed out of the way by another easing out and going better. Eh.
  • 12/20/18: Broke ½ to 1 length slow but quick recover and to rail. Great spot through first turn in loose pocket 3rd. Perfect trip down backstretch with open air and great stalk. Clear leader engaged by stalker entering turn, this one had dream trip behind. Stalker’s move was no good and this one simply took that’s spot and blew past leader for win.  Dream, dream trip.  Rails were at 0 feet also, making it more ideal.

Cha Cha Heels (was entered on 2-13 in 16C N2L)

Race 8:

Susan B Anthony (Ire)

  • 6/21/18: Broke fine. Clean. Field stacked into the first turn. Got a great spot at the rail through first turn and down backstretch. At rail entering far turn and saved ground through this turn also. Field had no real passing until stretch. This one ran hard through lane and well late.  Top 3 in this race saved ground throughout.

Stefanie On Fleek

  • 1/16/19: Pletcher ran 1-2 in this race.  The winner saved every inch until late in turn and had a dream trip. Broke well.  Clean. In 2 path and held up pretty hard entering first turn. In between through first turn. To 3 path late on backstretch and through far turn. Looked absolutely dead and took off in the stretch and flew for 2nd.  Wow!  What the!

Beau Belle

  • 1/1/19: Broke fine. Held up early and in between in 2 path through 1st turn. Pace was a dawdle with leaders all bombs but eventual winner who was 2-1. In between entire backstretch.  Hard ask in far turn while 3 wide when race clearly turned into a sprint for home. Fought hard while in between at top of stretch when quarters were a bit tight.   This wasn’t a good trip being in between literally the entire race. Gets a pass and would consider BTL.

Grey Seal (long layoff and shipping – trip notes N/A)


  • 1/1/19: Broke well. Clear. On big hold early to not engage early speed. Found good spot through first turn under a hold. Great spot down backstretch while at rail and loose pocket 4th. Still at rail entering far turn. Some ask midway in turn and moving well, then hard ask late turn. Was driving and easing out at the same time at 1/16 pole and ran out of time to get win.  This was a very good trip.


  • 1/13/19: Broke well. Clean. Big hold to get out of in between position early and make rail early in 1st turn. Pace went from normal to really picking it up in the 2nd quarter with run off leader by four lengths. Stayed at rail down backstretch and into far turn. Eased around stopper midway in turn and seemed to have some run, but not really let roll until late. Ran well in stretch but Bill Mott had one in here that was a pole the best and galloped out about 1/16 of a mile in front so hard to like anything in here other than that one.

Latest Version

  • 2/3/19: Broke well. Clean. Found good enough spot in 1st of three turns early while in 2 path. Comfortable in 2 path from there until late in backstretch when was eased to 3 path. Moving well in last turn and driven well 3-4 wide. Up for joint lead at top of stretch. Put away leading foes but couldn’t hold off deeper runner.  Ran good. Trip overall was uneventful and fine. Winner was 4-5* from Motion barn that had a very good trip.

Blame the Gods

  • 2/3/19: Broke well. Clean. Mild nibbles for speed early. Success. Made the top into 1st turn but ceded lead to an outside foe that maintained a ¾ edge for most of backstretch. These top 2 picked up the pace entering the far turn and pulled away from the others. No match for lead speed. Ran hard through lane and easily maintained place spot.

Mo Moxie

  • 1/18/19: Winner out of this race was 6-5* Pletcher. Some mild bumping on both sides of this one at start. Rated backstretch until close to far turn. Moved up while 4 wide and then hard ask midway in turn. To 3rd now. Clear shot late in turn to pick up top two but still 4 wide. Slight lug in at top of stretch and super game through the lane. Was best in my opinion.

Race 9:

Faith N Hope (was entered 2-25 in ALW Optional 62K C and scratched)

  • 1/21/19: Broke best and asked for speed. Out-quicked. At rail and backed up throughout. Ran a little late but the race was over at this point. Winner was 3-5* from Navarro barn that won for fun.

Gianna’s Gift

  • 1/18/19: Broke Fine. In between not long after start and in a box. Slight pause out of that spot. In clear entering and through far turn. Trying to move up while 3 wide and was outrun.

Natasha Fatale

  • 2/8/19: Broke dead last. Made up the lost ground by far turn while 3 wide and actually looked like she had some horse – then backed from the midway point in the turn.

Copper Fox

  • 1/20/19: Away fine. In between throughout while 3 wide down backstretch and in a terrible spot throughout race. 3-4 wide in turn while in between and fading. Excused given trip. Was never given a breather.

Ascertain (layoff and class drop make trip notes N/A)

Trapped At Sea

  • 1/16/19: Broke well. Immediately into stalking position while 2 wide. Top two were going best midway in turn. This one had a good trip and simply grinded out the win, getting to the leader late.

Miz Clipper

  • 2/8/19: Broke fine. Clean. To rail right away. Stalking from tight pocket. Pushed through to 2 path midway in turn for clear shot and wasn’t good enough. Lost ground from there.

Race 10:

Fast Track Kathern

  • 1/10/19: Broke poorly. Hustled early and to rail. At rail through first turn on what seemed like a slower pace. Field was pretty compact. Some tapping on breaks out of first turn and down backstretch. Still at rail entering and through far turn. Finally some room entering top of lane and pushed to go through but was empty. Rider coasted in last 1/8+.  Even money favorite was a clear stalker that was awful.

Joy of Treasure

  • 1/11/19: Broke a length slow and then mild bump caused even worse start. Back to a clear last. Saved ground through 1st turn. Pace seemed average and measured. Field was very compact. Eased to 2 path down backstretch and began catching up entering far turn. Eased to 3-4-5-6 wide in turn and blew past field.


  • 2/7/19: Fractious in the gate prior to start. Broke just OK. Made lead without much ask. Grabbed up to avoid going to fast but the pace was still fast. Last 4 early were top 4 late. Nibbled at entering far turn and offered no resistance to anyone. Token riding through lane while well beaten but should get a pass based on pace and that he was acting up in gate.

Pound Note

  • 1/31/19: Broke best and to rail right away. Rated at fence in very, very good spot while a loose pocket 3rd. On hold backstretch while still at rail. Nibbling entering far turn and bigger shove early in turn. Still at rail and saving ground throughout turn – all in by late in turn and making no impression whatsoever. Yuck.

Bella’s Game  

  • 1/31/19: Broke below average. On hold, pulled jock early to first turn. Stacked 4 wide and jock took stronger hold and dropped into 2 path for most of turn. On hold in next to last with 2 lengths open air down backstretch and entering far turn. Easing around foes from 2 path to 3-4-5-4 wide through turn. Up for lead soon after stretch arrived and pulled away under a drive for easy win vs these. Gallop out was fine.

Call Me Kayla  

  • 1/10/19: Broke fine, clean. Was looking to get over and found 2 path through first turn. 2-3 wide backstretch until far turn. Nibbling entering far turn and all out shove while 2 wide throughout far turn. Eased to 3-4 path for stretch drive with no traffic issued and clear shot from there.  Even money favorite was a clear stalker that was awful.

One Direction Song  

  • 1/21/19: Broke fine. Clean. In tight and steady early cost this one 2+ lengths and a few positions. Back to last. Pace was very fast with 3 hooked duelers and 3 stacked trackers. Well back early; probably 7+ lengths away from next to last horse. Finally caught field late in turn and eased 3-4-6 wide for stretch drive. Average stretch. Normally I’d suggest that the trouble wasn’t that bad, but for a horse that prefers to be forward, it may have been a killer.  Excused. Winner was 6-5* from Lynch barn.

Classic Lady

  • 1/31/19: Broke good. Clean. In 2 path early and through most of first turn. Rough spot down backstretch. In between and no path forward. Pause. Nibbling in between entering far turn but still no real path ahead. Pause. Some traffic late in turn but when clear shortly thereafter there was no gas. Eh.

Flat Awesome Jenny (no turf racing to note)

Janet B Doesit All

  • 1/31/19: Broke OK but slightly pushed inward early. No big deal as this one had no speed anyway. Saved ground through 1st turn. Reached field early in far turn and eased 2-3-4 wide through turn and then clear shot in lane. Ran well but no match for winner. Will need big move up to beat that one.


  • 1/30/19: Broke OK. Clean. Good natural speed up to a stalking position while 2 wide throughout first turn. On hold and then an early mover pushed this one into the leader to quicken down backstretch. Still going great into far turn. Engaged leader midway in turn. Shoving nearing top of stretch and clear shot through lane while 2-3+ wide and drifting wide a bit.  Winner was hammered from 10-1 M/L to 2-1* and had a perfect trip at rail.

Amazing Audrey

  • 1/10/19: Broke great and straight to the front. At rail and clear in first turn. Pace was measured. Still at rail  entering far turn clear and with plenty left. Stalker tried to go after this one but she had more in the tank. Nibbling late in turn and then all out shove at top of stretch. Kicked with eventual winner but just worn down. Great trip and good run also.  Even money favorite was a clear stalker that was awful.

Anne Dupree

  • 1/31/19: Broke below average. Asked for speed early and made move up to leaders but stuck 3 wide and relegated to rate 3 wide throughout turn. 3-4 wide backstretch while rating. Uneventful far turn run while 3 wide, mostly getting outrun. Yuck.

Race 11:

Golden Tap

  • 2/7/19: Broke fine. 3 path early and through first turn. Rated by herself down backstretch and found rail entering far turn. Ridden through far turn and had plodded evenly. Yuck.

Kindhearted Kota

  • 2/15/19: Broke clean. Grabbed up after a few strides to rate. Stuck 3 wide entering and throughout the 1st turn. Made way to the rail down the backstretch. Was making up ground and had to pause early in the far turn. Room and pushing through late in turn at rail. Weaving stretch may have looked better than it was when she moved to the rail (knifing to rail always looks explosive but seldom is). Top two finishers were 8th and 9th down the backstretch.


  • 2/7/19: Broke was clean but not the quickest. Pace was fast and field was well strung out. Crap ride early getting stick 3 wide into and through first turn. Was 4 wide in far turn also. Given the rail position this one wasn’t done any favors.  I’d give a pass given moving from outside post to inside post.  Chad Brown won this race at 2-1 for fun and this race run on same turf course as Golden Tap’s last race. Clearly this was a much, much faster race, as it should have been.

Miss Antonella  

  • 1/21/19: Was 15-1 M/L. Leaned left and hit gate hard at the start. Lost all chance. Hard to pick this one up on tape but in turn the jock wasn’t trying – don’t blame him after that start. Mild drive in the lane and this one was running well late while having to move around some of those in the stretch just past the wire. Very interesting.

It’s Complicated  

  • 12/27/18: Broke just OK, clean. Decent spot early through first turn while 2+ wide. Found rail down backstretch with some open air in front of this one. Went from an in between position in the turn to quickly pushing through and easing 3-4+ wide nearing the top of the stretch. Clear shot from there and respectable finish. Tagged on wire for place money.

How Did She Do It   

  • 2/8/19: Broke fine, clean. Held up while tugging entering first turn. Found rail and good trip in 1st turn, saving all the ground. Same down backstretch, saving ground and tight pocket entering far turn. Leader backed up abruptly entering far turn, causing this one to shuffle a bit. From there she couldn’t corner all that great. Was an unimpressive last half, though. Will need big move up.  Wasn’t that much trouble.

Infinity Sky

  • 2/15/19: Broke quick and mild bump. Pace was fast and field was well strung out. Tucked in behind quick early pace. Rated in loose 3rd/4thposition at rail down backstretch. Saved ground from here to the finish. Was all in midway in turn but was losing ground to early pace. Very tired lane.

Rucia Mora  

  • 2/2/19: Broke a touch slow – maybe ½ length. Mild pause right from gate. Nibbled for speed and then grabbed up entering first turn. Wide first turn in 4-3 path. After leaving first turn found a spot in the clear while in 2 path. On hold with wall of 3 foes in front. Eased top 2 path entering far turn. Nibbling to hold spot and then shoving to get through hole in 2 path late in turn. Gutsy move and made it through! Pushed to 3+ path for lane. Good stretch run with good energy. Tough, tough, beat. Wasn’t the best trip.
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