Benny’s Notes for Friday’s R2


Race 2


Race Note:  Was 15-1 ML.  No track bias this day.  Stalkers ran 1-2 and deeper closer 3rd. Winner was 5-2 for Servis.  Favorite was a Mott FTS that was absolutely murdered at the windows and nowhere at finish.  Only one horse had run in here and the rest were FTS.

Trip Note:  Away OK but outquicked early. Reserved at back.  Started running by midway in far turn. Was looking to ease out but couldn’t and ran well enough in stretch while taking some good throwback. Good education for a barn that tends to get better with their young ones with racing.




Race Note:  Second time starter and first time blinkers for Rudy goes wire to wire in a jog.

Trip Note:  Away well enough.  Clean.  Hard ridden to show speed – not sure how much natural speed is here.  Fought hard to hold spot in BTW through turn with a 3W foe pushing this one.  Tried hard through lane, although never switched leads.  Leader motored away and horse from last also got by this one in the lane.


Mo Ready


Race Note:  Was 2-1 ML. Bet very hard.  Winner of this heat came back to upset in the Violette Stakes on 7-17-19 in a monsoon.  Pace was very fast in here with 3 across dueling while 7-8 clear after ¼ mile.  1-2 runners were deep closers.

Trip Note:  Away OK. Clean. Hustled early. Stuck 3W through turn. A clear shot throughout but almost no chance going so fast and covering the most ground in the race.  Was spent midway through the stretch and not abused with token ride from there.


Managing Risk


Race Note:  Was coupled with another Repole runner, 8-5 ML and bet like a no try vs the 2-5* who won easy

Trip Note:  Slight pause from gate. Immediately hit hard with throwback and despised it, holding his head pretty high until the field got away from him.  This one gets a pass.  Watched on the head on and had “very straight action.”  This race was a clear education.  Will move up, just don’t know how much.


Assault Breaker


Race Note:   Second time starter and first time blinkers for Rudy goes wire to wire in a jog.

Trip Note:  Off ½ length slower than the other three.  Nudged early.  Noticeable long strider vs the other 3.  Believe this one is router for sure.  Hard ask and left handed whipping through the turn. Slight pause entering TOS when deciding inside or out.  Opted for rail and claimed place money rather easily while pretty much  shutting it down the last 100+ yards.

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