Benny’s Trip Notes for Saturday MSWs

Race 4



Race Note: Was bet from 2-1 ML down to 2-5* and then was beaten by his barnmate that was 5-1 and recently came back to defeat state breds at EVD in a 75K stake.

Trip Note: Away OK. Clean. Asked for speed early but outquicked by the eventual winner who was guided to the rail.  Was in a tough spot in between while these top 3 were hooked 6-7 clear of the 4th horse.  Boxed on between these two until mid-stretch until gradually giving way.

Pharoah Cat


Race Note:  Was 6-1 ML for a barn that almost never wins first time out.

Trip Note: Away outward and slight bump from the gate. Behind a few foes early. Was showing decent enough speed when an inside foe was very green and dropped his rider.  This one basically got out the caution flag, pausing and then a bit wider than needed.  The riderless horse was now right to this one’s inside. Hard ask to get by the riderless horse while wider than needed but when he couldn’t do it the jock traded the caution flag for a white flag, pausing and allowing the riderless horse any part of the track he wanted.  After that one ran clear of ‘Cat,’ the jock started asked again. Nothing there. Green stretch.  Will likely improve but will need to.

Race 6

Field Pass


Race Note:  Was 12-1 ML.

Trip Note:  Broke fine.  Allowed to settle and found a good spot entering the far turn. At rail and 4-5 lengths of open air. Cruising through turn and making up ground with no ask. Asked late turn and perfect slingshot off the rail and easing out and around for stretch drive. Good kick through the lane.  This was a good run but also a very good trip.  Gallop out was average.



Trip Note:  Away clean but last. Maybe 1 length slow. Asked early and making up ground while trying for an in between spot entering the far turn. Success. Asked through turn and late in turn was in a box – 1 foe on the outside and a wall of 3 in front.  Jock shoving and keeping up but not making up ground, this one moved out midstretch and really leveled off nicely.  Feel like this one was just getting warmed up.

Mr. Everything


Trip Note:  Away just OK. Brief pausing early. Good spot into the first turn at rail and saving ground. Pace was fast with a runoff leader by 7ish and field very strung out.  Out of 1st turn this one began making up good ground while on hold and could have easily earned the stalking spot but rider tapped on breaks and opted for in between spot. Terrible spot now. Steadied and lost action midway in far turn. Finally out and 3-4W late in turn. Even stretch while never switching leads.  This was a pitiful ride.



Race Note:  Was 3-1 ML. Not a lot of action for a well bred Pletcher.  Winner was a wire to wire and geared down late for Wesley Ward that was bet from 6-1 ML to 2-1.

Trip Note:  Away OK. Slight bump but no big deal.  Outquicked early despite big ask.  At rail in turn and saving every inch.  Not much to see here and gallop out was average.



Race Note:  Was 8-1 ML and only horse in the field that was an overlay.

Trip Note:  Away ½ length slow. Hard ask from the get-go and no speed whatsoever. Ridden through the turn and continued to lose ground.  Poor effort but also obvious that sprinting will never be this one’s game.

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