Finger On The Pulse

Handicappers are hungry. Allow Saratoga to set the table and serve a five-course meal.

Over $80 million was pumped through cell phones and computers over the first four days of the meet at Saratoga Race Course.

Yes, it helped that Del Mar was not running last weekend. And yes, there’s still a lack of competition from pro sports leagues but that’s about to change.

Even with no fans in attendance and no place on track for the limited owners to get a wager in, the opening weekend numbers at ‘The Summer Place to Be’ show horseplayers are still there in spirit and firing away on ADWs.

The protocols in place set by NYRA not allowing jockeys to travel out of town and having limited owners on the grounds make the outdoor destination as close to an indoor bubble as possible.

As New York State and NYRA seem to have as best a handle as possible on coronavirus, all the attention can be on the horses and the 40 day spectacle that is Saratoga.

There will be new wagering competition coming from MLB, NBA, and the return of Del Mar this weekend, but handicappers have their finger on the pulse – and the ‘submit bet’ button.

Technology can be a wonderful thing after all.

In an unbelievably strange year, we have 36 days left of something positive we all can cling to.




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