Guess, Win, Help Make-a-Wish UK

I’m running the London Half-Marathon for Make-A-Wish UK on March 24. You can find details about the race here.

You can help out a great cause and have a little fun at the same time. We’re going to turn the fundraising process into a game where you guess my time for the race and if you’re the closest guess, you’ll win a FABULOUS PRIZE PACKAGE to be tailored to the winner, possibilities include a cocktail kit, a horseplayer kit, or dinner with me in Saratoga.

As for what time to guess, I’ll give you a couple of data points. I ran a half back in 2016 and clocked 2:27 flat. I am definitely faster now and at least 35 lbs lighter than that day. In the very flat 10K I did in London two weeks ago, I went in 1:03 (I’ll let you do the math to project that out).

To play, simply visit my Just Giving Page. You get one “finishing time” for every 30 GBP (approximately $38) donated. Go ahead and write a note on the page (you’ll have an opportunity automatically when you donate) and list the time or times in the message you leave on the wall. Make sure to identify yourself! Times should be expressed in hours: minutes:seconds. So the winning time for my last Half would have been 1:27:00. In the event in a tie, the FPP will be split amongst the winners.

Just click the link below to help sick children live their dreams:



I’m psyched to be running in the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Make-A-Wish UK. I was inspired by the story of 17-year-old music-lover Dennis who got to be a DJ for a day and inspired the rave-and-music themed cheer point for the Make-A-Wish team at this race.

Make-A-Wish UK grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Granting their wish provides seriously ill children with hope for the future, strength to cope, and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and given the chance to make magical memories they can treasure forever – whatever their future may hold. The goal is  transform the lives of 1,000 children this year by granting their One True Wish and we can help make that happen. Please help me in supporting a great cause.

May You Win All Your Photos,


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