Haskell Invitational Stakes Pick 4 – Pick 5 Plays

In today’s fast-paced culture, more frequently we’re hearing and using words that aren’t necessarily new but words that are being used in new ways to create a new context or ‘vibe’. (See what I did there?) The word “journey” comes to mind as we take a peek at this year’s Haskell Stakes. With another great weekend of racing upon us, the Haskell’s “journey” is different than what it’s been in years past. These unprecedented (another buzzword) times have presented the racing world with a Grade 1 with TWO impressive prizes at stake: Kentucky Derby points AND a Breeder’s Cup Classic entry. Do you need more incentive than that?? Here it is: The international group, BetMakers, will sponsor a $1-million bonus for any horse that manages to sweep this weekend’s Haskell, the Kentucky Derby and Breeder’s Cup Classic. The promotion is known as the “BetMakers Bonanza”! Now THIS sounds like a journey I wouldn’t mind attempting! Let’s take a look at the Haskell from a handicapping standpoint and see if we can’t build some value plays around it.

MTH Race 12. 1 1/8 Mile. Haskell-G1 TVG.com
# 2 Authentic and #1 Dr. Post are two horses in this race that stand out above the rest. We could also consider #7 NY Traffic – but the outside post and the projected pace will make this one a B in my estimation.
A: 1, 2
B: 7
MTH Race 11. 1 3/8 Mile. (Turf) UnitdNtn-G1
Lots of evenly matched runners in this spot. Everything will hinge on how fast the #9 Paret goes early. He has the speed to take them gate to wire but I don’t think it will surprise the rest of the field, race tactics will be key. #1 Arklow could have found a good spot and if things get too speedy, Look out! – #5 Aquaphodia seems to have the best versatile running style to be able to capitalize on whatever happens. #2 Standard Deviation could very well be ready to turn the tables on Paret, 2nd off the Bench.
A: 2, 5
B: 1, 3, 9
MTH Race 10. 1 1/8 Mile. MTHCup-G3
Three powerful runners will have the opportunity to benefit from #10 Bodexpress go for broke early speed. If you feel the need to spread in other parts of the sequence here is your chance to single and place #2 Monongahela at the top of the list – Throw out his last race in the mud, after a layoff. #1 Global Campaign and #9 Bal Harbour are both very adept runners and could get the job done.
A: 2
B: 1, 9
MTH Race 9. 1 1/8 Mile. (Turf) Matchmkr-G3
This is not a easy race to see an outcome that will happen more times than not. #2 Feel Glorious and #6 Nay Lady Nay have the best chances to win based on the projected pace and their trainers ability to do what they do best. #5 Beautiful Lover lacks early speed but with a well timed ride could come kicking late.
A: 2, 6
B: 5
Pick 4 Play with Budget of $100
Race 9: 1.50$ Pick 4 2,6/1,2,9/2,5/1,2All A’s Cost $36
Race 9: 1.00$ Pick 4 5/1,2,9/2,5/1,2playing our B horse in Leg A Cost $12
Race 9: 1.00$ Pick 4 2,6/1,2,9/1,3,9/1,2playing our B horses in Leg C Cost $36
Race 9: 0.50$ Pick 4 2,6/1,2,9/2,5/7playing our B horse in Leg D Cost $6
Adequate coverage while emphasizing strongest opinions
Pick 5

If we take a look at the last two races on the card we can incorporate our work from the pick 4 and go after the pick 5.

MTH Race 13. 5½ Furlongs. (Turf) WolfHillB75K
#6 Archidust has the ability to close within the context of the rest of the field and I don’t see a legit speed of the speed. #9 Shekky Shebaz had fireball speed last year – when he was in the care of Servis at the time. Recently Clement has had the horse training well on the turf. #5 Dubini has the ability to close and so does the #4 Smart Remark and he gets some class relief.
A: 6, 9
B: 4, 5
MTH Race 14. 1 1/16Mile. MPtchr-G3
I was really looking to find some value in the finale as there seems to be lots speed signed on. #1 She’s a Julie ran a monster number last time – Drawn down on the inside I think she is going to be forced to go a little too fast too early, but she also has great closing ability. #2 Royal Flag – Chad Brown on Dirt ? Yes! This one looks to be real – Steeping up tho. One horse that I believe can benefit from all speed is the #5 Vault.
A: 1, 2
B: 5
Pick 5 Play with Budget of $150
Race 10: 3.00$ Pick 5 2/2,5/1,2/6,9/1,2All A’s Cost $48
Race 10: 1.50$ Pick 5 1,9/2,5/1,2/6,9/1,2playing our B horses in Leg A Cost $48
Race 10: 1.00$ Pick 5 2/1,3,9/1,2/6,9/1,2playing our B horses in Leg B Cost $24
Race 10: 0.50$ Pick 5 2/2,5/7/6,9/1,2playing our B horse in Leg C Cost $4
Race 10: 1.00$ Pick 5 2/2,5/1,2/4,5/1,2playing our B horses in Leg D Cost $16
Race 10: 1.00$ Pick 5 2/2,5/1,2/6,9/5playing our B horses in Leg E Cost $8
Here we will really lean on the #2 Monongahela but creating a backup for ourselves weighting appropriately

Lets Make it Happen!!

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