ITM Plus Free Sample Post: Picks for TP Forceout

PTF here. By now you might have already listened to the show which is a preview of what we hope to accomplish with ITM Plus — That is, a couple of shows (minimum) each month where we analyze big carryovers or mandatory payout sequences.  To be clear, nothing is going away or changing, we are simply adding to our offerings.

Another benefit to ITM Plus Subscribers will be summaries of our Friday handicapping shows. I’m not sure exactly what format these will ultimately take — they will be emailed directly to subscribers (Sign up for the free Newsletter here) but I wanted to give a sample of what they might look like.

Essentially these are the TLDL (Too Long Didn’t Listen) versions of the shows where we just summarize the picks. Again, this won’t be limited to the extra shows as each of our handicapping episodes will come with some type of written companion for ITM Plus Subscribers.

Of course, I want you to listen as well (it’s impossible to include all of the context in this written format) but this is an alternative to that and/or a way to have notes at a glance rather than having to remember or take your own notes.

Stay tuned as we will announce the formal launch of ITM Plus on Saturday.


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