ITM Show 116: Weekend Recap, Ask ITM, Eric Bialek

It’s a double edition of the show that begins with PTF whining about his health. Then JK is here to talk about working on Fox and to review last weekend’s action including his thoughts on Gouvernuer Morris’s return to the races and Charlatan’s debut. They also dig into a few #askitm questions and look ahead to stakes races at GP and SA this afternoon.

At 56:51, 28-year-old Eric Bialek is here for a memorable visit where he chats about his recent experience at the NHC Final Table and to give his thoughts on what racing can do to attract more fans his age.


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  • Regarding using daily double betting to project final win odds, see @ProjectedOdds on Twitter. That feed includes both projected final odds for NYRA races (and some other major races, mostly Derby preps) and statistics regarding how accurate those projections are. Andy Serling also does a nice job on the NYRA simulcast of using daily doubles to give a feel for the likely final odds.

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