Link to PTF’s Lecomte Preview

OK so this post is a bit of a cheat. It’s bad internet hygiene – did you know there was such a thing as good internet hygiene? – to publish a piece that is essentially just a link to another piece. But I’m going to start doing it anyway so there is a direct link between you – our hardcore audience seeking out horse racing information via the In the Money site – and one of my main gigs outside this enterprise, which is covering American racing for While you’re over there, poke around, there is a lot of great information about racing here, including tipping pieces by Paul Quigley and Barry Faulkner, who are both excellent, as well as tremendous coverage of racing in England and Ireland.

I’m going to be doing write-ups of Triple Crown preps, some of which will use the horse-by-horse format that was a staple of my old blog (holla if you remember The Unbearable Lightness of Betting). Sometimes, when I’m really bored (ie, almost never) I go back to the old blog archive and read my thoughts on an old race and check the chart to see how I did. Here’s a random spin of the wheel.

All that said, here is a link to my first At the Races piece – of what will hopefully be many – in 2021:

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