NHC Weekend Link-a-Palooza

Despite my optimism early week that there would be three pods this week. . .there will only be two. Just FYI, I am blogging to you today from 33,000 feet, a first for me.

If you missed the NHC preview show, what are you waiting for?


And if you’ve already checked that out, we have many more options. Check out JK on with Jason Beem or me on with Ron Flatter.
If you’d rather read on the NYC, I just posted an NHC preview from a New York perspective in my first piece for my guys at NYRA.
For more with Dave Gutfreund, there are articles here and here.
Justin Dew wrote about his approach to the tourney and also the juggling act that led to his qualifying.
The NTRA site has a lot of good NHC content including a piece about JK being made the 40-1 favorite (!?). I enjoyed his response to an unhelpful soul on Twitter suggesting that he was an underlay at that price, something I tried to do more subtly at the top of the thread.
And for up to the minute coverage of the NHC, all weekend long, make sure you join me and Steve Byk during the tournament itself through his Listen Live link.
Apparently, there is a whole series of these now:
Ellis and JK
That will do it for this post. Next stop Las Vegas.
May you win all your photos,
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