Paddock Bar Seating Options

“Did you pee the bed? 5:30 am is early for you.”

That’s what my friend John Nichols tweeted me just now when I asked him if I could “borrow” the pic you see accompanying this post. With friends like that, you might observe, who needs enemies?

While I’m not an inveterate early riser like JTC (John the Clocker), I have been tilting my schedule early the last year or so, and I have an appointment with a yoga mat in an hour so I’m going to keep this brief.

Saratoga Opening Day is most definitely the Christmas Morning for horseplayers and perhaps that’s why my wakeup time today was actually pre 3 am. As the poet said, “Hours before the morning sun’s ignited.”

The purpose of this post — in addition to a little self-mockery — is to let you all know some of the specifics of what I’m working on with Desiree and her team at the The Post/Paddock Bar this year, specifically the Veranda (the area formerly known as the Secret Spot).

I’m helping party promote this year essentially, looking to connect people looking for a fun, casual way to experience Saratoga over in the Shake Shack Area.

There are three options I can help you with:

Come hang out up top on the Veranda with me. Reservations are being taken this year. Upstairs there is a cash bar and access to the menus of the places downstairs. Great setup for gambling with no-glare TVs, goof Wifi, betting machines. No cover, no minimum. I’ll be helping with some of the cocktails up there: thinking lots of boozy milkshakes and Pimm’s Cup type drinks. Some rain cover up there too but don’t stand too close.

Book the upstairs privately. This is a great option and we’ve done it for Travers the last several years. The big days cost more but for a weekday (and maybe a Sunday) you can do $140/person all food and drink included with a minimum of 10 and a max of 25. It’s tremendous fun. Great way to do something special for your racing fan friends.

Reserve a table downstairs. This is a more appealing option if you like being in the middle of things and or have non serious gambling fans to impress and or it’s a beautiful day. There is a minimum on the tables downstairs. I’ll ck what it is but I believe you’re looking at $300 minimum for a 4 top. If you’re eating and drinking — and it’s some of the best food on the track — it’s well worth it. The paddock viewing is incredible, the race viewing is fine, but not as good as upstairs if I’m being honest.

If none of those appeal, you’re still welcome to come by, say hi, and buy me a boozy milkshake 😉

If you’re interested in booking, contact me through the blog, hit me on Twitter, or just button hook Desiree but make sure you say that PTF sent you.



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  • hello peter I have been listening to you and Jonathon for about 1 year guys do a great job.this new idea of yours to do a live show on Saturday is good but for your listeners on the web its not a good idea. the pick 5 show for Saturday should be recorded on Friday that way we can have time to digest the information you give out,also you say you will tweet the show out on Saturday but by the time you do that most of your listeners will be at the track playing the races or at home playing the races.just not enough time to go through your information on Saturday.please rethink and do a show on Friday for Saturdays pick

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