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Parx Racing 3/1/21


Race 1- 6 ½ Furlongs CLM7500N3L


Picks- 4-6-2

#4 Admiral Eastwood should be on the lead early if Abner Adoro sends him out of the gate. He is dropping back to the correct level and the level he won at 2 races ago. I think he is better at 6F but 6 ½ F shouldn’t be too hard for him to win at. 

#6 Goldenlineof is a sneaky horse and hopefully he can be sneaky today. Since coming to Parx he has been hit or miss with 1 win and 1 second but also a 6th and a 7th. Should be a little tougher on the sloppy surface but I think he has a shot.

#2 Little Vinnie just won last time out and now has to step up to the N3L condition which I think he will take on just as well. I think he needs the lead type of horse and today he has a good shot at getting the lead. Could be hard to catch if he does so.


Race 2- 6F CLM12500N2L


Picks- 4-3-6

#4 Shirleytheshopper just won in a MCL 10K last time out which she was claimed by Kate Demasi. The filly gets Lasix for the first time, is bred for an off track with Unbridled’s Song in the pedigree. She has a workout on a muddy surface that wasn’t too bad. Mychel Sanchez gets the call today and that is also a positive.

#3 Dial a Lady was one of my top picks last week but was scratched. That race last week was against the boys, and now she faces the girls again like normal. I still think she has a shot to improve her form by switching to a parx surface and facing her condition again. 

#6 Anginetti is in for Jamie Ness and gets Lasix and Blinkers for the first time today. I think she needs lasix and blinkers in order to win as she seems to either be a bleeder or a hanger and needs to focus in order to win. I think these additions are what gets her to win.


Race 3- 7F CLM12500N3L


Picks- 5-3-4


#5 Too Much Johnnie is off the claim for Frank Pollara who doesn’t claim much which is a good sign to me. He must have liked something about this horse in order to consider claiming him for a lower level he is running at today. In my opinion he is a good horse to use.

#3 Vero Sun is coming off the claim for Alejandro Maymo  who doesn’t claim much either. He was claimed in the same race back in mid January and finished 3rd in that race. Today’s field seems weaker than the field last time and I think he should be in good form. 

#4 My Danzig Partner loves to hit the board but very rarely wins. I think this Joe Taylor horse can do the same today but I don’t know if she can win here. 7 Furlongs in a tricky distance and he seems to struggle with it but has had 1 second in 6 starts .


Race 4- 7 F MCL20K


Picks- 6-1-4


#6 Double Doink is dropping in for a tag for the first time today and also returns to 7F. She has run her best races on the slop and at this distance. Today is the first time both of those things will be happening at the same time. These connections win often so if this filly likes the distance and an off track maybe the drop in class is all she needs.

#1 Touch Me Not ran 2nd at this distance on a sloppy surface at Laurel for 40K so I think today’s drop can help her a ton. Mychel Sanchez returns today and that is a positive sign. I think her breeding also suggests she performs to run in the mud. 2nd off of a long layoff should lead to improvement as well.

#4 One Tough Rose has been running for this claiming tag recently and has done solid on an off track surface. I don’t know if 7F is a good distance for this filly but I think she could get the lead and be hard to catch if she does. 


Race 5- 6 F CLM500N1Y


Picks- 7-8-3


#7 Bayleaf just won pretty confidently last time out at Penn National against weaker. I think she can dominate this field as well as this field is pretty weak. Lou Linder has been on a roll lately so hopefully today continues the trend.

#8 Luna Azteca has yet to find any type of footing in her last two starts but if she can return to her race 3 races ago, I think she will win this race. It will be tough but maybe 3rd off the layoff she will have some more stamina and be ready to go.

#3 Bon Heir is in a good spot here. Carlos Millan has yet to win this year but I think today could be the day. This mare liked the wet surface and has done well on it. I think today she can improve her form with the wet track.


Race 6- 1M CLM7500N3L


Picks- 3-4-8


#3 Heart of a Dreamer just finished 2nd in this same race but a little longer last time out. He will be fighting for the lead early on and could very well get it by himself. If he can get the lead I think it will be hard to catch him on a sloppy going. 

#4 Knokke by the Sea also has run well on wet going and if he can return to his form 3 races ago in the same race he will win this one. Dexter Haddock gets the call today which I like a lot as well. 

#8 Redneck Cowboy is coming out of the same race as my top two choices and finished right behind them in 4th. I think the fact this horse has had more time with Eli Betancourt and also gets Laprida aboard today are positives and I think he has a shot to improve. 


Race 7-6F CLM5000N1Y


Picks- 3-4-1

#3 Amers is a horse I have been following since before her first start. She started her career training at Parx for Jonathon Wong and then was shipped around for a while and ran a lot out west. Then she was claimed at Turf Paradise early last year by Jeffrey Englehart and was shipped to New York where she won at Finger Lakes and has been regressing since. Today she drops into the bottom again where she looks to find herself once again. 

#4 Bow Town Cat also is a horse that has had a good career and been tossed around from track to track and connection to connection. Since her return to Penny Pearce and Parx she has been running well but has yet to win. She loves parx and I think today could be the day she gets over that hump. 

#1 To the Flag always finishes in the money but has struggled to win over the past couple of years. However, she was willing to try and win last time out but still finished 2nd. I think she will be close today. 


Race 8- 6F MCL25000


Picks- 11-5-4

#11 Bizzy Gillepsie is a FTS for Uriah St. Lewis who is working really well. Laprida gets the call for this horse’s debut which is a good sign. Uriah doesn’t do well the first time out but the fact that he is working so well coming into the debut makes me think today is the day.

#5 Prince Filip rounds out my top 3 and this Juan Carlos Guerrero colt for Ten Strike Racing should get a more firm ground today and is 2nd time out. The jockey upgrade and connections alone should lead to this horse improving and with a field this wide open, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up winning in this field. 

#4 Horse Be With You debuted for 10K and finished 2nd to a winner who dominated the field. James Noble claimed in that race and returns today for 25K. He should be sent early from the outside post. Bisono gets the mount today and that should help improve this horse as well.


Race 9- 6 ½ F OC25K/SAL25K


Picks- 4-7-3

#4 Twirling Liz is returning to this level today and stretches out an additional half furlong which could be helpful to her run style. She tried to close last time out off the pace but could not get up in time. I think today could be better and hopefully she sits close.

#7 Lucky Trinity is in for Claudio Gonzalez and is in off the long layoff. Her form at Laurel was really good as a 2yo and 3yo. This is her first start as a 4yo and hopefully as she is getting older she brings consistency to her form. I think if she can improve 2nd time over the surface and well rested, she can win today.

#3 This Round’s Mine just went gate to wire last time out at 7f for this condition on a wet going. I think the slight cut back in distance and return to a wet surface at this level will lead to a solid performance today. Hopefully Ruben can get her to the lead or close to it today.


Race 10- 1M 70 CLM5000N1Y


Picks- 10-8-3


#10 Anissa just ran 2nd last time out when she was one of my top picks. Her and Jumpin Jett (my third choice) are coming out of that race and returning today. She had a bad trip and ended up with some run still in her and that led her to get 2nd last time out. The quick 2 week turnaround today helps prove that point as she should be ready to go today.

#8 Hola Princess will be flying late for Trevor Gallimore and Angel Castillo. She likes an off track going and also gets Angel Castillo aboard again after he just got her to run 3rd in the same class. I think she could be a main factor coming down the stretch today.

#3 Jumpin Jett rallied late last time out and almost caught Anissa for 2nd. I think she can improve today and she has done good on an off track before so I think today she can get back to the winner’s circle with just a slight improvement. 


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