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Parx Racing 3/8/21


Race 1- 6 F MCL 16000


Picks- 6-3-1

#6 Bahama Breeze ran horribly in her debut. However, 3yo fillies can be tricky in general. They gave her lasix today for the first time, and also added blinkers which I think they tried out in the mornings and that led to the bullet work. Jomar Torres stays with the filly and I think that this horse will improve a ton.

#3 A Bit Bad N Boujee has done good at Parx against tougher but also couldn’t beat this same level at Penn National about 3 weeks ago. Mychel Sanchez takes the mount today, and I like that improvement. 

#1 Mo Party is a first timer for Repole and Scott Lake. Ruben Silvera gets the call today and her workouts aren’t too bad and I think the rail might be her downfall. However, this field isn’t much so I think the first timer has an advantage. 


Race 2- 7F CLM7500N3L


Picks- 7-5-3

#7 Frisky Feeling is coming into this race in good form and I think she keeps that up today. The only knock I have on her is the fact she comes from way far back and that she runs better on a wet surface. The small field should play in her favor today and look for her late coming from the clouds.

#5 Go Metro Girl hasn’t seen the races since December. She is coming off of a win in that race with the same connections going 2 turns for N2L company. The long break is confusing but Don White could have just wanted to give her rest. I think she will be a key player here but I don’t know if she will be fit yet. 

#3 Enough Love was just claimed for Pat Farro and tries 7F again after having a 2nd in one try there. I think she will be flying late as well but Pat Farro likes to dominate the claiming level and she is a pro at it. I think she will improve off the claim as well. 


Race 3- 1M CLM12500N2L


Picks- 4-6-2

#4 Lean On E has never run on a fast going. She has only run on synthetic, turf, or wet surfaces which is important. Now Lou Linder gets to have this horse run on a fast going and I think she will be tough to beat with the surface being dry today.

#6 Carmeltini is my 2nd choice today and it’s mostly because she loves to finish short and not win. She hasn’t won since breaking her maiden back in January of 2020 for MCL 40K. Since then she has run well but not good enough to win and I don’t think today is the day either.

#2 Presto Change O should be fighting for the lead early and could get it 2nd off the layoff. She is also dropping in class and is running for Jamie Ness who is always red hot. I just think she has a problem with getting the job done so I think she will be close but I think others can win.


Race 4- 7F CLM7500N3L


Picks- 5-3-7

#5 Wings of Fury should go gate to wire today and that is all she needs to do in order to win. Jorge Gonzalez and Lou Linder have been on fire lately together and I think today they go gate to wire and win again. 

#3 Willthisshipsail has not run since November where she was DQ’d from purse money after finishing 2nd and probably gaining a positive in the test barn. However, this field is very weak and I think this is by far one of the top two legitimate choices here.

#7 Valiant Spirit could pick up all the pieces late today. She seems to love 2nd and 3rd but barely wins. I think she will be underneath again today but could pick up all the pieces to win if the pace collapses which in these cheap races tend to happen.


Race 5- 6 ½ F MCL 16K


Picks- 7-6-3

#7 Horse Be With You debuted for 10K and finished 2nd to a winner who dominated the field. James Noble claimed that race and returned today for 16K. He should be sent early from the outside post. Bisono gets the mount today and that should help improve this horse as well.

#6 Eddie’s Change is dropping to the bottom today and has shown very little against MSW. I think the drop is needed and this field is very average. Lupe Preciado could just be trying to get rid of the horse but he also could be trying to win. I am hoping he is trying to win.

#3 Ilovecharlybrown is also dropping in class but out of 25k not MSW. Eddie Coletti spots his horses well and this horse has run well so far and is getting better each start. I think the drop in class is needed and this is a must use.


Race 6- 6 F MCL 10K


Picks- 2-6-5

#2 Del Po ran very lackluster in his 2nd start off the layoff but should improve 3rd time out. He was bumped at the 5/8th pole last time out which killed his momentum but I think today will be easier. He is a closer and there is a possible speed duel lined up today.

#6 Star Luck will be on the lead early and Adam Bowman took this mount over the #5 horse who he has ridden in all 8 starts which is what I liked about this horse. The fact that Bowman chose this one over that one is a good sign and this one should be on the lead which is key here. 

#5 Dr Zrada gets Frankie Pennington instead of his go to Adam Bowman. This horse is dropping in and also shows some speed early on. I think the addition of Frankie is a good positive upgrade but the fact Adam Bowman chose a different horse than this one worries me. 


Race 7- 1M CLM5000


Picks- 2-4-6

#2 Finglas is dropping in slightly from 8K open claimers to 5K open claimers. The most recent start for him was a dud but he was wide the whole trip and I will cut him a break. He seems to run good and then run a bad race and flip flop each start. If the trend is right today is the race he runs good in. 

#4 Flatexcel is the ML favorite today and should be the early speed here. Laprida gets the call after the barn switches from Edmund Davis to John McCaslin. He is dropping in class from open 10K in NY to an open 5K at Parx. McCaslin had this horse last fall when he was running at Parx and they did good with him. Hopefully today they return to form.

#6 American Roma just won last time out about 2 plus weeks ago. He gets to run on a fast track again today which he does good on after just winning in the mud. Kirby has this horse in good form but the jump to open company from a restricted company is a big step and hopefully he takes to it well.


Race 8- 5F CLM5000N1Y


Picks- 3-6-7

#3 Hey Jabber Jaw should be the pace setter today. Ruben Silvera gets the call today and no one has been riding as well as Ruben Silvera. He has the best back class in this field and is also a 9yo which means this could be the end of his career but he is still running hard which is key.

#6 Huya is also going to be trying to go to the lead early on. They add blinkers to him and they take the apprentice off and add Laprida. Laprida is in a good spot here to go gate to wire and win at a solid price. He just has yet to win at Parx since coming from Emerald and that is my main worry.

#7 Brio Man is my longshot play here. Jermaine Burke gets the call for Haleem Lee. Haleem Lee has been training well but this horse hasn’t shown up since the last time Laprida rode him which has been about 6 months. I think the pace could collapse which sets up Brio Man well.


Race 9- 1M 70 Yards OC20K/SAL16K


Picks- 4-1A-8

#4 Pitching Ari hasn’t run since New Years Eve which means he should be well rested. Claudio has this horse in good form as well and he has a 2nd at Parx in 2 starts which was against a tougher field than today. I think if he sits mid pack then he could win here going away.

#1A Late Breaking News is a classy horse and runs consistently in these spots. Jamie Ness is on fire and I think this is the better of the two entrants so I put him 2nd in here. Ruben gets this call and I think that’s the key factor of which one Jamie Ness values more. 

#8 Won the Case is a horse I have used in the last two starts in my top 3. He won a race and then throughout a dud. Today they jumped up in class again but I think he could sit the trip better today than last time out. If he can return to his race two back, he could compete today in this field at 15/1 ML.


Race 10- 1M 70 Yards ALW45000NC


Picks- 6-1-4

#6 Bird King is my best bet on the card. This field has so much early speed and Bird King will be sitting off the pace expecting a collapse in front of him. Pino and Castillo connect at 23% and this horse is in great form as of late. I love this horse, and if he sits a good trip he will win.

#1 Wait for It has been in tougher spots and won. Today is easier than those spots but I think he will need the lead in order to win and I doubt that happens. However, he still tries without getting the lead and that is why he is my 2nd choice.

#4 Dreams Untold should be on the lead early and could get it himself. He is in ideal form here but Frankie will need to be aggressive out of the gate in order to get an ideal position and he isn’t the most aggressive jockey in this colony. Should be tough to beat if he gets the lead himself. 


Race 11- 1M 70 Yards OC25K/SAL25K


Picks- 2-6-4

#2 Sambam should be flying late here and I think the pace will collapse for him. Ruben gets the call again and hasn’t rode this horse since his last win. I like the fact Jorge Diaz returns to Ruben and also drops in class which is key.

#6 Southern Bridge should also be pressing today and is in for Jamie Ness and Frankie Pennington. He has two seconds since coming to Parx from Penn National and NY. Today could be the day he finally wins at Parx but he has turned into a hanger since coming to Parx. Today could be just another day where he finishes 2nd.

#4 Hold My Call should be on the lead early and gets Silverstre Gonzalez today. Mosco was running him in NY and they just missed in an ALW race 2 races ago which is why they tried again but he finished 5th. He needs the lead in order to win in my opinion so hopefully he does that today. 

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