Parx Analysis for Tuesday, February 16

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Parx 2/16/21


Race 1: 9-1-8


#9 Miraculousblessing has early speed and is shipping in from Florida and dropping in which should be all that she needs to improve here and even the slightest improvement should win this race.

#1 Clever Start showed tons of speed in debut for 30k and drops to 20k and hopes to keep to task today against weaker. Mychel Sanchez keeps the mount and hopefully she gets a better trip.

#8 One Tough Rose also has some speed but can also sit and press, coming off career beyer which is key for these types of races. Could be sneaky here at 3rd Choice.



Race 2: 1-6-2


#1 Staringthemaking should get the lead from the rail for Jamie Ness and Frankie Pennington and should be able to get the distance. Looking for 2 in a row.

#6 Borsa Vento is another strong speed but can fold easier. He is dropping in and at a price

#2 Printer is by far the best closer and is in good form again. Was claimed again last time out for DeMasi and seems to be claimed every race he runs now. Angel Castillo stays aboard with the claim which is a good sign. 


Race 3: 1-7-2


#1 Mustn’t Grumble should go to lead. She comes into this race 2nd off layoff and for Lou Linder again. Lou Linder is great with these horses 2nd off the layoff and 2nd time over the surface.

#7 Light Up Night is a huge closer, but I think she could see some unusual pace for this group and it could fall apart. If it falls apart, she will be flying late and could win with the apprentice aboard.

#2 Borderline Genius has great connections and is in for the first time for Butch Reid and 2nd time in her career. After a win in MCL 20K she takes a huge jump in class which is a good sign that some talent is there.


Race 4: 1-4-8


#1 Star Luck is the lone speed and gets the rail. Adam bowman can be hard to pass mid stretch when on the lead and this could be his first win on the year.

#4 Gray Little Meadow has solid beyers in a weak field. Mychel Sanchez picks up the mount which is a positive angle especially in these cheap MCL fields. Should be able to sit off the pace and make one run.

#8 Our Uncle Drew gets the apprentice and is going to be a price. He should be closing late on the pace setters if the pace is strong enough. 


Race 5: 9-6-7

#9 Slingin Sammy B  has had a really lackluster last 3 races. However if she can return to her form 4 starts ago she will blow this field away. Joe Taylor is on fire as of late so hopefully this mare can keep up the momentum. 

#6 Squan’s Kingdom is in good form and looking for her 4th win in 5 starts. She should be close to the lead and the horses that pressed or got the lead early were hard to beat yesterday so I expect the same with rain last night hitting the track. 

#7 Ski Bunny ships in from Laurel and is another horse who is in great form. First time over the surface could be the downfall but it seems like she is just a good filly that competes wherever she runs. 


Race 6: 3-4-6

#3 Jaffle should be the early speed in this race. Joe Taylor is on fire and Salgado gets the mount again which is something I like here. If she gets the lead it will be hard for her to be caught. 

#4 Come and Get It is another speed horse for Danny Velazquez but her last start wasn’t pleasant or promising. If she can return to form two starts ago she can win here.

#6 Connoisseur is coming into this race off of a dominating win for MCL10K company which isn’t much but still a good win. Looks to improve against winners for the first time. 


Race 7: 9-4-1

#9 Hey Jabber Jaw is a seasoned Parx vet and is still in good form as a 9yo. He is a speed horse and still tries to go gate to wire after 45 starts. He should be on the lead early again today.

#4 Psychic Energy could be sent as well but he has the ability to sit and make one run. Bad thing is that this gelding hasn’t won in a very long time so hopefully the curse ends today.

#1 Bobcat has never won at Parx but is always in contention. Should be sent from the rail and if he gets the lead it will be hard for him to be caught. 


Race 8: 3-1-10

#3Jupi’s Lightning is a colt who has been in great form in restricted races since joining the Flores-Coba barn in October. He has taken the Parx surface better than any other surface in the country and has been improving his beyers in each start.

#1 Won the Case is looking for two in a row and should be closing late. If the pace collapses I can see him picking up the pieces and the drop in class is key.

#10 Doddsprivatelabel is another seasoned vet on this card. This 10 yo, is still trying his heart out to win. He will be pressing the pacesetters and making one run, this isn’t his first or 95th rodeo as this is his 96th start and he knows how to win as he looks for win #19 for his career.


Race 9: 6-3-9

#6 Strawberry Red is the early speed here, and gets Edwin Rivera who is super aggressive on speed horses. Last time the horse ran on a wet surface he won two straight races on the slop. Hopefully today will be another win on a wet surface.

#3 Brees Bayou is shipping in from New York and gets the leading jockey of 2020 Mychel Sanchez aboard today. If he doesn’t go wide today I think it will be a lot easier of an attempt to win today then in NY. 

#9 Danzafied. Danzafied is coming off of a very good effort in which he was DQ’d to second but still earned a career high beyer in a 72. Hector Caballero is an aggressive rider and will send this horse and I think that could be the tell all be all in order for this horse to repeat wins. 


Race 10: 7-4-10

#7 Optic Way should be the quickest of the bunch here and gets a barn switch since switching to Parx. This is his second time running for Gustavo Chacon and also the 2nd start off of a multi month layoff. 2nd time over the surface and with some needed rest and training to build his stamina back up makes me think if he gets the lead this race might be over.

#4 Flat Out Beautiful is in for Jamie Ness and stumbled last time dropping Frankie Pennington out of the gate at the start of the race. I think the quick turnaround to run this horse again means that he is alright and the fact Frankie stays aboard means he trusts this horse won’t do it again. I think he can really be a main contender in this race.

#10 Irish Cork is a horse who has class but also seems to just hang around at the end instead of winning. However, this field isn’t that deep and his recent form could be enough to get the job done. 


Race 11: 10-2-8

#11 Congaree Rose is sneaky in here. She will end up going off at 10/1 or higher in my opinion. Jamie Rodriguez is one of the better riders at Parx and needs more notoriety. Her back class should be beneficial in how she runs today.

#2 Kit Kat Katie is trying the same level again today for the 3rd time in a row in which she has improved over the last two starts. Ruben stays aboard with her and I like that about this horse. Ruben seems to have been able to give her her best races to date and  I think today has potential to be another time Ruben brings that out of her.

#8 Frisky Feeling is in for Phil Aristone and Angel Castillo which is a Parx Hall of Fame duo. She just won last time out for the same level but non winners of 2 lifetime and looks to knock off another condition today with her 3rd win.

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