Parx Analysis for Tuesday, May 18th

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Parx Racing 5/18/21


Race 1- 5 ½ F CLM7500N1Y


Picks: 5-7-6

#5 Flashing Diamond is coming into today’s affair for Michael Pino for the first time, after she was claimed last time out. Ruben Silvera takes the mount and that is always an improvement and a positive sign. All together this field isn’t much and then when you have these connections it’s hard to pass this horse up.

#7 Cotton Candy Cutie is now in the Eli Betancourt Jr. Barn and gets the red hot Silvestre Gonzalez today. The horse won last time out and now bumps up a tad in class but still for similar conditions. Overall i think this horse is in the best form and should be tough to beat. 

#6 Mrs Crews should be able to improve today off of recent poor performances. If she can return to that form 3 races ago, she will be tough here. Hopefully Dexter Haddock can keep the momentum going from yesterday’s multiple win day 


Race 2- 1M 1/16th CLM5000N2Y


Picks: 5-7-2

#5 Algorix is running in the Mario Dominguez barn now after being claimed in his most recent start. Dominguez is 27% off the claim on a small sample size and I like Angel Castillo sticking with this one. I think this horse is in solid form and will only continue to ride the hot hand here. 

#7 Rings of Jupiter has really come into form lately. Flores-Coba has improved this horse a ton and since Laprida has joined this horse two races ago, he has gotten even better. Should be tough in here.

#2 Good Good is coming into this race with Penn National form which doesn’t always hold at Parx. However, this horse is in good form despite it being from Penn, and on top of that gets Ruben Silvera. Since Kimberly Graci got this horse, this horse has been on a roll. I think today the roll continues.


Race 3- 1M 70Y CLM12500N3L


Picks: 1-2-5

#1 Greenback won last time out at a good price and looks to break this condition as well. If he can trip out like last race this will be a tough horse to catch down the lane. 

#2 Classified Info is 2nd off the claim for Lou Linder and Lou Linder has been on fire as of late. Ruben Silvera keeps the mount and they look to improve even more off the claim. 

#5 Warrant Officer, has a slight drop off of the claim but I think he can improve 2nd off the layoff. These connections are gonna be tough to beat in here. Laprida will find a way to improve here. 


Race 4- 1M 70Y CLM7500N1Y


Picks: 8- 7-1 

#8 Jammin Jimtown is first off the claim for Jamie Ness and honestly this horse should win off the claim. I don’t see how this horse can lose with these connections improving this horse. I will be using this horse as a single.


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