Parx Analysis for Wednesday, November 23rd

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Parx Racing 11/23/22


Parx Spot Plays + Mandatory Pick 5 Payout Ticket! 


Race 4: #9 Wonder City

  • Wonder City is in a new barn today and I think this will help. Silvestre will have to fend off some strong competitors in this field but I think this horse can trip out. She will be mid pack and if the speed ends up being a duel, she should be making up  ground late. 


Race 7: #1 Beren

  • Beren is the class of this field and loves Parx. Butch Reid has carefully put this horse in the right spots over the past year and it has resulted in 5 top 2 finishes out of 6 starts. I think this one should be able to beat this field just off class and current form.


Philly Big 5 Ticket

Race 6- 1,2,6,7,9,12

Race 7- 1
Race 8- 2,4,7,9,11

Race 9- 7

Race 10- 1,4,6,8


Ticket= $60

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