Players’ Podcast: In the Money’s Own Drew Coatney Wins $548K + at the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge

PTF is joined by In the Money Media’s own Drew Coatney, who just won over $500,000 at the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. They discuss how he got into the game and the formation of In the Money Media. More importantly, he reveals the advice JK gave him before the Classic that literally brought PTF to tears. Plus a walk through of his mentality and all the plays, plus how his secret weapon — his wife, Nancy — made a huge impact on the day. Plus, thoughts on Flightline, Modern Games, Malathaat, Tuesday, Elite Power, Jackie’s Warrior and much much more.

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  • Drew and PTF – Congrats on the win, how exciting! This may be the most fun podcast I’ve ever listened to. Loved the betting strategy discussion and the math-oriented approach. This is the kind of information I subscribe for. Really good stuff.

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