Players’ Podcast: What’s Going on with HISA?

In a special edition of the show, PTF is joined by owner Craig Bernick, horseman Gary Fenton, and journalist Jay Privman to let players know about what’s going on with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority in the light of last week’s announcement about USADA involvement (or lack thereof).

It’s a lively discussion, a little contentious at times, that is sure to leave horseplayers better informed on the topic, and includes a little free consulting to the authority itself.

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  • A lot of blather here. I don’t mean to throw cold water, but I look at racing in a “big picture” view.

    In the beginning, there are a bunch of people who will part with their funds for “x” form of entertainment. The betting public is the ONLY “stakeholder” in the industry that participates with a negative financial expectation. Bettors are exchanging their funds for “entertainment”, just like a customer goes to a restaurant to enjoy a good meal.

    Everything else is a bunch of people fighting over those funds, just as the restaurateur, the staff, the landlord, the suppliers, et al. All of those parties are profit-driven. For them, it’s all about money.

    As the customer, I don’t care about which of these parties are getting over on the others. The restaurateur may raise his prices, cut his staff, lower the quality of the meal, but once the customer is gone, everyone loses. While reading about the restaurant industry may be interesting, ultimately the problem is among them – I can always cook at home.

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