Pro Player Diary 5.10.23: Sometimes the Best Bets Are the Ones You Don’t Make

PTF sits down with Sean Boarman to catch up and go over Sean’s plays over the last two weeks, including Oaks and Derby? Does Sean finally get off the schneid? Listen and find out!

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  • Congrats to Sean hitting General Jim for $20k. Very impressive. I had tossed GJ due to horses layoff and Shug low figures on horses returning after 90 days. In hindsight what was I thinking. It is derby day ans Shug shines. GJ winning by a head over my next 4 cost me p5. Fortunately my revenge bet allowed me to hit p4 and p3. Nailed Mage for a tri score. Excellent interview. Learned some new angles and betting ideas from Sean.

  • good stories with Sean. as fellow Lexingtonian i always enjoy his and M Maloney’s take on Oaks/Derby preferences.. BUT Sean missed the Biggest Clue all pre-Derby Day shows. When PTF had Bailey and Moss on at one point Moss blasts out “ Up To The Mark “ in the Old Forester turf..” and the camera cuts away to show Bailey ( with finger pressed to closed lips) shaking his head “NO,NO!” as if …….. greatest tout EVER! best SINGLE in multi day.. Oaks/turf/derby.. thanks ITM!

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