PTF’s Kentucky Derby Prep Race Pieces for The Holy Bull and Bob Lewis

Once again, these come courtesy of my friends over at

If you’re a horseplayer, especially a newer player, and you’ve never written a full race analysis, I highly recommend it. It helps focus the mind and keeps from lazy, knee jerk handicapping. At least it does for me. And I don’t think you even need to write full sentences to get the benefits, just something about every horse would be helpful: the key things you notice, an ability figure (TM Mike Maloney), a first guess at a fair price (those can be refined later via spreadsheet if you want to go that way).

Speaking of writeups, surely you’ve noticed by now the impressive amount of race previews we have on the blog. I am super proud of the crew we’ve put together, covering races from coast to coast. The idea is to become a horseplayer hub where we can exchange ideas and help each out. If you’re interested in contributing a guest piece — or even writing regularly on a circuit we are not yet covering — please reach out via the contact page on the blog. In particular, I’d love to beef up our coverage of Mon-Weds, just for one idea. Anyway, holler if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, here you’ll find my horse by horse analysis of the Holy Bull and Bob Lewis:

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