Reading Up On NHC 2020

Sitting on the sidelines for NHC is rough business. If you’re like me, you try to devour as much content on the subject to feel close to the action. Here’s a compilation of some interesting spot pieces on the NHC to get our sideline-sitting minds into the groove of NHC 2020.


Coles Scores a Late Seat

Scott Coles is at it again, earning his second seat in the 2020 NHC through the Last Chance Qualify out here in Las Vegas. Clearly his penthouse suite with bar has not derailed his focus nor game.


NHC Rookie Advice from Justin Dew

First step, make your bed. Courtesy of Lone Speed


The Meaning of the NHC

Every player at the NHC has a story. None will move you more than the one belonging to Robbie Courtney. Article courtesy of Brisnet


Living the Vegas Life

(long read) A peak into the true side of Las Vegas, from The Believer


Cheers to our 2021 bids,


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