Breeders Cup 2020

We are trying something new and different this Breeders’ Cup but before I tell you about it I want to make it very clear that everything we have always done around here is going to stay exactly as it’s always been: absolutely free.

Some of you have asked how you can support ITM, and as always, we’d suggest you help us by showing some love to our ITM Partners.  But we also have an exciting announcement – The launch of the ITM Breeders’ Cup Premium Package.

Before we discuss some of the specifics, we need to make a few things very clear.

Over the past year, the ITM network has continuously expanded our offerings.  Matt Bernier relaunched his weekly podcast, Spencer has become a staple with Redboard Rewind, Naomi joined the team to launch Talk Racing to Me, JK + 1 quickly became a fan favorite, and this summer ITM also became the US distributor for Nick Luck Daily.  None of that is changing.

As mentioned, all of the current offerings will remain unchanged, free, as always.  We will also look to expand our offerings where it makes sense.  Again, this growth is possible because of our fans and partners, and we remain committed to what we’ve been doing.  Put differently, if you ignore the new premium content, you won’t notice a difference from ITM leading up to Breeders’ Cup.

We are not becoming a tout service – That’s part of the ITM founding motto.  So what can you expect?

True to form, expect this to evolve over the next couple of weeks, “production meeting in the middle of the show” style.  All kidding aside, we do have several things mapped out, and we will do our best to create value.

For now, the offering will include the following, which members will access via the ITM website (content will be released starting 11/2):

  • Handicapping and Betting Advice – Sean Boarman, John Pinder, and Nick Tammaro
  • Exclusive Reports from the BC Grounds – Naomi Tukker
  • Breeders’ Cup Stats Overview – Matt Vagvolgyi
  • Keeneland Data Analysis – John Camardo
  • Euros vs. USA Breeders’ Cup Trends – Tyler Whisman
  • European Shipper Analysis – PTF and UK friends
  • Specific Bets for Each Day – JK
  • Breeders’ Cup StableDuel Strategy – Tyler Whisman
  • ITM Picks Grid for ALL Breeders’ Cup Races

We’ve discounted the price through the end of October ($24.99).  If you wait until November, you’ll still have the same access, but the price will increase to $29.99.