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We are back at it today with an eight-race card from Arcadia, California. Santa Anita had a planned day off yesterday due to inclement weather and today’s offering is all dirt racing (check track condition). If you prefer some green in your life, then tomorrow may suit you better. The Notorious B.I.G. rapped “I’m ready to get this paper G, you, with me?” Each event is listed below with a few selections in order of preferability and it is time to print some paper.

Race 1   S-F-MD SP WT 61K – 6 Furlongs – 3 YO

With a total of 7 entries and a 2-1 morning line favorite my natural instinct is to seek and destroy the favorite by all means.

#1 Our Miss Millie (5-2)

She did not catch a break drawing the dreaded one post and with a short morning line at 5-2 playing against is understandable. After watching Our Miss Millie race from way outside last out at Del Mar my money will be put on her as my “A” horse. We both see the trainer has started off well and who the jockey is, go back and watch her last race and see what you think.

#6 Maddie’s Mojito (5-1)

After last seen at the beach she comes back with a new trainer and adding blinkers to her attire. Looking at her workout history as a whole and spotting multiple .48 works excites me a little. Dam 3/15 with 3 YO’s with the sire showing success. 2nd time, new trainer, adding blinkers, capable jockey = all tools she might be able to use which can lead to improvement to get a dub.

#2 Bossy Mama (4-1)

To be honest is one thing and to be brutally honest is even better. 46.2 leads me to using Bossy Mama in the “C” spot. My vision is one of two scenarios, the pedal is put down and Bossy Mama gets away or the pedal is put down and the wall comes after too quick of a first quarter. The tote board may give a feel.


Race 2 F – Clm 20000 (20-18) – 5 1/2 Furlongs – 4 ^

About race two, it is not for the faint of heart or those looking to get mega rich, unless you prefer the two outside horses. Speed inside (1,2), right off the pace types directly outside the inside (3,4) and outside horses (5,6) which do not show any interest to my eye.

#3 Swirling (3-1)

Coming off a break with one real recent workout showing is not the greatest of things but the seven-year-old mare has the numbers and might get a trip with both inside horses having a go. If Maldonado can set her up and the pace moves along the race can be there for taking.

#4 Lady On Ice (2-1)

Similar to the previous mentioned Swirling, setting off the pace should be there, and I do not think she will have any excuses to give this time around.

#2 Canadian Ginger (7-5)

The dirt track has shown inside speed to win and if the #2 can live up to her TimeFormUs Early Pace # then she will be the one to catch. If any fight is given from the #1 inside, then the contention might wear her out.


Race 3 Maiden 20000 – 1 Mile – 4 ^

Looking back at last Sunday’s card a mile on dirt with a good surface produced a couple straight to the lead type winners. The run lines were 1 1 1 1, with two alone speed types in the race and others looking flat my lean is to use both chalks and to get on with my business in any multi race wager bets.

#7 Full Draw (9-5)

The five-year old gelding is like my life, just not sure what the hell to do. He has run four different distances, on turf, back to dirt, short and long, just all over the place. Speed numbers are in range though and Mario is a solid jockey even though drawn outside the lead seems to be there on paper for the taking.

#5 Twirling Derby (2-1)

Usually, preference is not given to a horse who has raced many times at the same level without winning, which is the case for the Ruben Gomez trained gelding. Franco is up and recent form looks good as he was able make up or hold ground, which is more than what others in the race have shown.

#4 Big Billy (5-1)

Mr. Big never raced on dirt, but his progeny has shown success winning 23/107 routing. 4 YO and up has a nice 17% angle to add to that. My angle here is he is a lightly raced horse compared to others and 2nd off after a long vacation. Sometimes it can work against you but with a field of horses who seem like they rather not win Big Billy is in play.


Race 4 Maiden Optional Claiming 35000 (50-40) C – 1 Mile – 4 ^

With a 4-5 morning line favorite who has shown the highest beyer speed figures the logical thing to do is join the sheep and single away. Just not my style though and even though This Tea, #2 will be used in my multi race wagers in some capacity, she will be in the top spot.

#3 Lookintogeteven (3-1)

Not only does she win the best named horse of the day she gets my “A” spot for the race. My hope is she has more to show and will do so at a better price to a comparable short, priced favorite.

#1 Miss Mo’ Licious (10-1)

Look up the stats on Uncle Mo’s progeny with four-year old horses and up plus overall routing on dirt. Throw in a race where others might not be grabbing for the lead with a 10-1 morning line and I will drink the juice. Ideally it will be great to see Tyler Baze gunning for the lead and maybe the last couple of workouts can put in her in enough shape to shake up the pick 5.

#2 This Tea (4-5)

Look at form, will need some pace unless Prat changes up tactics and George Papaprodromou is batting .000 for the meet (0/15). Speed # does speak, especially first race out after a breather. 4-5 ML odds hurt my eyes but missing out on a nice score for not using the obvious in multi race wagers can be blinding.


Race 5 The San Pasqual, Grade II, $200k – 1 1/8 Miles – 4 ^

#4 Express Train (2-1)

The last two run lines may look flat, but I cannot ignore the last speed # put up. Preferbility goes to the Malibu over the San Antonio. 3 workouts since help the cause with a jockey who can make the right moves with what the race gives him.

#1 Tizmagician (9-2)

Can Draden Van Dyke steal this race? If he takes the four-year-old colt right to the lead like his previous three races it is possible. The class is not there like others in this field (some though), my vision is a lead with soft fractions to have shot at the win.

#2 Idol (9-5)

As much as I do not want to use another short price in here the reality is pace set up. With the #1 and #5 both looking for the lead it is possible they get too silly and press one another for too long. If this is the case then it helps the cause of the finishing #2, Idol.


Race 6 OC 62k / N2X – 6 Furlongs – 4 ^

In this battle of five horses going 6F two of them make their way on my ticket.

#2 Sparky Ville (5-1)

Trying to get creative with another short field and it ended up on the #2, Sparky Ville at a 5-1 morning line price. In comparison to the neighbor #3 at a much shorter 9-5 price my choice it to take a horse with longer odds when my thought is he might be as good as the chalk.

#5 Parimony (2-1)

Firing a solid speed number first back after a break helps me ignore the overall race record and seconditis at Santa Anita Park. Taking what is given and really the form this one has shown helped me decide.


Race 7 The Robert B. Lewis, Grade III, $100k – 1 /16 Miles – 3 YO

A prep for a few headed towards Big Cap day and Medina Spirit clearly stands out. Another though who might be sneaky is the #7, Wipe the Slate along with #5, Roman Centurian.

#1 Medina Spirit (5-2)

Thanks to the DRF Santa Anita Clocker team for a note which caught my eye. From the Jan 22nd workout “Had good flight on display when getting the best over SPIELBERG.” This note alone landed me to using Medina Spirit as my “A” horse and tossing the #8, Spielberg in the race. I have 99 problems and using Medina Sprit in my multi race wagers as a single and in the “A” spot for race 7 is not one.

#7 Wipe the Slate (4-1)

The colt is below par in comparison to others in the speed number department on paper but the whole hand has not been shown. Not much to report on dam side of things but Nyquist speaks routing.

#5 Roman Centurian (8-1)

Do not bet the price tag, bet the horse. 550k tells me though like the previous mentioned #7 Simon Callaghan has a plan for the Empire Maker sired colt. A winner at the distance first attempt and looks to need some fractions to set up for a W.


Race 8 State Bred – Maiden 50000 (50-45) – 6 Furlongs – 3 YO

Closing out the Saturday card at the Great Race Place is a field of 12 maidens going 6 furlongs. Three horses caught my eye and will hopefully determine how much paper is printed today.

#9 Sabuda (3-1)

It is nice to see a field of 12 entered for the race, how many can actually run though? The last speed # posted by Sabuda may be enough to win this race alone. Umberto is back on the mount and it may be as simple as breaking clean and getting the lead.

#1 Crash Corrigan (7-2)

Drayden will have to get some sort of trip with the inside post, 2nd race back is solid and will toss the previous one. Trainer stats and breeding suggest possible improvement with a fair price.

#12 Gabby Hayes (4-1)

The old saying is if you use one trainers entry you should use the other, #12 Gabby Hayes goes 2nd out for Steven Miyadi, who trains the mentioned #1, Crash Corrigan along with Gabby Hayes. 62 beyer first out and the MSW to MCLM angle seems to work well for Mr. Miyadi.

Thank you for reading and share what you like today with me @blinkersoff420 and make sure to give @inthemoneymedia a follow for all of your horse racing content.







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