Saratoga Weather Forecast 8-15 to 8-17 Alabama Stakes Day

It wouldn’t be a summer in Saratoga if we weren’t talking about the possibility of rain, and this weekend is no exception! A very large high pressure system, that has been blocking the south from rain, has finally started to erode away which is allowing for gulf moisture to be injected into the Midwest and The Northeast. Multiple systems are expected the come through New York from Thursday to Sunday (and beyond). Here is an update to timing and strength of these systems.

Thursday, August 15th:
The first system to come through Saratoga is a shortwave trough
( ) that is expected to come through Thursday night around 8pm bringing showers and possible thunderstorms to the Saratoga area. Expected rainfall totals (which have been inconsistent) around a quarter of an inch.

Friday, August 16th:
Showers will continue from Thursday night into Friday morning ending around 11am. The rain Thursday night overnight into Friday should not impact racing on Friday (I am not expecting any races be off). Showers are expected to be in the area throughout the day with possbile thunderstorms after 6pm. Rainfall totals for Friday are expected to be around a tenth of an inch unless a thunderstorm does take aim on Saratoga.

Saturday, August 17th:
Happy Alabama day! The end of the meet is coming ever so close as we only have two and a half weeks remaining! Hopefully the weather will start cooperating a little more so we all can enjoy the great racing! Saturday, unfortunately, is no exception as we are looking at another opportunity for rain. Another shortwave trough is expected to come through the Saratoga area in the afternoon bringing showers and possible thunderstorms. The timing of this rain event has been very inconsistent, however, I am expecting the system to come through around 2-3pm bringing rain with it. Rainfall totals around a quarter of an inch is expected but will be higher if a thunderstorm comes through the area.

I will have the latest updates to these forecasts up on twitter @g1handicapping. Always feel free to reach out ask questions throughout the racing meet!

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