Saratoga Weather Forecast – Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

First of all, I would like to thank Peter Thomas Fornatale for giving me an opportunity to go into a little more depth on my forecasts! Sometimes the 280 character limit just isn’t enough. I would also like to thank all of you who have reached out regarding all the weather updates! It is quite humbling to see all of the support! If you want a special forecast for a track that I don’t cover, always feel free to reach out! I am always happy to look at the weather around the country.

 The weather in Saratoga Springs has been a challenge to forecast for all meteorologists due to the spotty nature of the storms over the past week. July looks to end just as wet as last week. There are three North American atmospheric models that can forecast to Wednesday while I write this (NAM, NAM4km, GFS). All three atmospheric models are forecasting around a third of an inch of precipitation through 5pm on Wednesday.

Predicted total precipitation amounts through Wednesday at 5pm for the three atmospheric models.

The comparison of the three models shows a lot of consistency on much heavier rain impacting approximately 60 miles north of Saratoga. Two waves of rain are expected. The first wave will occur Tuesday evening into Wednesday early morning. This wave is expected to bring the bulk of the rain to the area whereas the second wave is expected to come through Saratoga around noon. If the predicted amount of rainfall, or more, occurs from Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening, expect the six turf races on Wednesday to be in jeopardy. Please follow @G1Handicapping for more weather updates leading up to the races.

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