Saratoga Weather Forecast – Whitney Day August 3, 2019

Saratoga has yet to have a week free of rain and this week has been no different. Thankfully. on Wednesday, the track dodged multiple strong thunderstorms including one at the end of the day that gave the east side of Saratoga Springs an absolute deluge. Scheduled on Saturday is 5 stakes races including the Grade 1 Test Stakes and Grade 1 Whitney Stakes . Five of the eleven races carded are on the turf which may have a wrench thrown into that plan. Here is the current forecast for Saratoga:

Rain started to creep into forecasts for Saturday midweek and has continued to show consistency with different events. Atmospheric models have all been consistent in showing rain on Saturday morning (between 8-10am) totaling around a quarter inch of rain. This may put the first race in jeopardy of staying on the turf.

The atmospheric models also show that there are showers expected to be all around Saratoga Springs throughout the afternoon and evening but not drop any rain on Saratoga. I find this hard to believe personally as a front is expected to come through the area around 3pm. The amount of precipitation is hard to gauge at this point but I don’t feel it will be enough to make the track sloppy. Good luck everyone and watch for updates on twitter @g1handicapping.

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