Show #21 – Monday, March 4 (Kim Weir of TRF, Eric Guillot)

Before we begin, I wanted to share the link to donate to The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. They do amazing work and it’s an important mission. I want to show the power of the podcast listenership by being very generous here and I have a few ideas of how to creatively raise money. You can definitely be a huge help and I’d personally appreciate it if you could pitch in.


“It’s a deluxe edition of the podcast. First up, PTF and JK go over the Fountain of Youth, and talk about Fourgate. Then Kim Weir drops by to talk about her work with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Finally, we celebrate Mardi Gras with a visit from Eric Guillot who takes us from the swamp to the winner’s circle and nearly everywhere in between. Plus, PTF tries to get a cooking lesson.”


A few random thoughts.

My Mom just reminded me that my Dad loved to point out that March 4 is the only date that’s a complete sentence.

Here is a link to the video piece about Quick Call that Kim mentioned.

Here is a link to a “Fourgate” piece by Justin Dew.

I’m just hanging out in Brooklyn today — a snow day even though it didn’t snow. Chef Weezy about to come over to make some posole. Should be a pleasing evening. Just 20 days to the big race. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed. We blew past my fundraising goal and I’m really excited about our next money raising project with TRF.

May You Win All Your Photos!


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