The Matt Bernier Show | Ep. 34 | September 28, 2020

On this week’s show, Matt looks at:

– Early Preakness Contenders

– Breeders’ Cup WAYI review from SA / BEL

– NFL Week 4 Wagering

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  • Matt,
    Great show and thanks as always. Just curious about your Improbable stance. After the Whitney you said not sure how you come out of that race with an opinion of Improbable has now entered the conversation of top older horse if you didn’t think that before based on the trip he received. So just curious how the Awesome Again was different in your opinion because just like the Whitney where I agreed with you, i am also having the same conclusion and having a tough time drawing up a more perfect trip for him. Four horses dueling in front and being all alone letting them run into the ground so he can just wait and circle seems like exactly how i would draw it up for a trip i would want given that field. And I am not saying he isn’t one of the top older horses because i think he is and maybe number one. But just not sure what you may have saw that i am not be seing about his awesome again that now you are ready to cement him in there if he wasn’t already. Thanks. Look forward to seeing

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