2021 Kentucky Derby Monster Pod

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the 2021 Kentucky Derby MONSTER Pod!!! This year, we are bigger and better than ever, with PTF and JK divvying up hosting duties AND offering YOU a chance to win a $100 free bet on the Kentucky Derby. ***All you have to do is drop a note in the comments section letting us know who you think will win this year’s Derby. One winner will be chosen at random next week. For more In The Money Media content visit: https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com To sign up for the FREE Horsepleyers’ Newsletter visit: https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/email To join ITM Plus visit: https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/plus

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  • Sure would love to win a $100 bet at the derby, guys! (Also, keep of the good work. Also, I just bought one of JK’s fabulous shirts. When can we expect more designs?)

    • I’ll ask jk! The contest — to clarify — if for comments on the YouTube page if you want to drop one in over there 🙂

  • Rock Your World- Looked geat after winning the SA Derby. Wanted to run past the far turn. Distance no problem. Has speed. Best Jockey.

    • To clarify the free bet is a drawing fir folks who drop a comment on the YouTube video if you want to post this over there 🙂

  • Really excited about the leadup to a NORMAL 1st Saturday in May !!…thanks for all the content and good luck All !!

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