Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs for 5-28-20

“To the tapes!” -Benny

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Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 – Vettori Kin (BRZ)  


Trip Note:  Trouble line in the PP’s is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Saved ground throughout.   Never encountered “traffic at the ⅛ pole.”  The easing out in the lane does not tell the story, and while this one did have to move wider through the lane – it was very late and didn’t hinder his running at all.  Ran well through the lane, almost snatching place money.

Race Note:  Pace was slow overall.

Bias:  N/A

2 – Ezmosh (last turf race)


Trip Note:  Resisted jockey taking hold very briefly in the first turn and then had a perfect lone front running trip. 

Race Note:  Pace was a dawdle.  Place horse was best.

Bias:  N/A

3 – Logical Myth


Trip Note:  Uneventful trip until midway in the far turn. Stalked went after the lone speed early and the pace went from measure to an all out sprint for home.  This one looked hopeless at the back, getting a left-handed crack to quicken.  Wide into lane and a clear shot.  Very, very good stretch run. 

Race Note:  4-5* had a clear lead by a length until engaged early in the FT and barely held 3rd.

Bias: Rails were at 27’ which tends to help stretch runners.

4 – Clear for Action (last turf race) 


Trip Note:  Engaged early in the FT and wore down.  This was a disappointing effort.

Race Note:  4-5* had a clear lead by a length until engaged early in the FT and barely held 3rd.

Bias:  Rails were at 27’ which tends to help stretch runners.

5 – Zero Gravity (last turf race)


Trip Note:  PP’s tell the story.  Never able to save ground and shave and the speed seemed slow up front.  Tough trip against the slow.  

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 2-3-1-OUT.  

Bias:  Not sure of the exact setting, but the rails were tight – maybe 6 feet?  This should help speed.

6 – Exulting (last turf race)


Trip Note:  Off 1L slow.  Bad spot early and throughout 1st turn. In BTW and 3W.  Finally eased back and found rail on BS and into FT.  Eased out midway in turn 2-3-4-5W.  The only time this runner was able to save ground was during the BS straight.  This was a BTL effort considering the ground loss.

Race Note: 1-2-3 finishers saved the most ground.

Bias:  N/A

7 – Moon Over Montana

No applicable note.

8 – Memory Bank

No applicable note.

9 – Eisenstaedt

No applicable note.

10 – Firewater Jake


Trip Note:  Was fractious in the gate.  Outside runner broke in sharply and this one had to take up some.  Pace was fast up front.  Moved 3-4-5-6W in the far turn and into the lane.  Hit left handed and drifted wider and wider through the lane.  This guy is not a stupid rider – shocked he kept hitting him left handed despite wide drift to about the 13-15 path.  Had 0 chance with this trip.  Was BTL and draw a line through this one.

Race Note:  Pace was fast.

Bias:  Not sure of the exact setting, but the rails were tight – maybe 6 feet?  This should help speed.

Race 7

1 – Carondelet


Trip Note:  Found a perfect spot stalking a hooked duel while at the fence. Saved ground throughout and was never able to pick up either of the hooked duelers. Poor effort after a dream trip.  Will need a drop and improvement.

Race Note: Hooked duelers set the table for late running types.  Show finisher was 6-5* that dueled from outside and was debatably best.

Bias:  Slight outside bias.

2 – Jo Marie (last dirt sprint)


Trip Note:  Break meant very little.  Mild bump, but no speed anyway.  Ridden strangely in the FT.  Jock never moved a muscle while others were in a drive. The last ⅜ of a mile for this one were bizarre with jock basically coasting in with no ask at all.  Interesting.

Race Note:  Pace seemed normal but field was relatively compact and 1-2-3-4 in the far turn finished 

Bias:  Slight inside.

3 – Punish


Trip Note: Mild shuffle on the midway point of the BS.  Caused a 2-3L loss of momentum.  Was 4L through the first part of the FT and then 5-6-7+W later in turn and into stretch.  Visually impressive stretch.  Could argue that this one would have been right there.  BTL.

Race Note: Third place finisher was O’Neill horse that shipped back to CA and ran close 3rd in a 12.5CN2X.

Bias: None.

4 – Delachaise

No applicable note.  Long layoff.

5 – Mi Bella (only 3YO in field)


Trip Note:  Stalking position throughout, although was not in a good spot while in BTW throughout.  Outrun by the other 2 stalkers into the far turn and that was it.  Surprisingly ridden through the lane whip, whip and hand urging. 

Race Note: This was not only first time vs winners but first time vs older.

Bias:  N/A

6 – Marcie’s Candy

No applicable note.  Has not sprinted on dirt since Oct. of ‘19.

7 – I’mthekatsmeow


Trip Note:  This was a very good ride.  Horse wanted to go, but the jockey did a great job relaxing this one into a perfect spot by late BS.  Spied a 3-across duel into the FT and eased out while be ridden to go around. Success.  Comfortably went around the last 2 duelers.

Race Note:  6-5* gets a great ride and easily passes the other top choices (3-1 and 3-2) that had beaten each other up throughout.

Bias:  N/A

8 – Princess Phone


Trip Note:1-2-3-4 early finished 4-1-3-2.  Speed dominated.  Winner muchthe  best on the outside of 3-across eye-ball duel.  Place horse a perfect trip while stalking from the rail and had clear path to ease out.

Race Note: 16-1 shot drops rider at start.  Riderless horse to outside rail and didn’t affect outcome.

Bias:  N/A

9 – Rare Action Attack

No applicable note.  Long layoff.

10 – Bonnet


Trip Note:  Was off only ½ length slow, but it put her in a bad spot early which affected her entire race.  Made up ground down the BS and into a box.  Was keen with a short, tight reign from jock. Never in a good spot. No chance with this trip! 

Race Note: Field was compact and pace was slow.

Bias:  Strong front running bias.

11 – Catlike

No applicable note.  Long layoff.

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