Benny Southstreet’s Trip Notes for the Late Pick 5 at Santa Anita on 6-7-20

Today was supposed to be a planned day off, but what better way to continue sharing Benny’s trips than to have fellow Trip Note Pro author, Tyler Hoffman, share today’s trips!

Take it away, Tyler!

Santa Anita

June 7, 2020

Late Pick 5 Trips  

Race 5

1 – Tagline


Trip Note: Jock relaxed her towards the back of the pack early, moved up on her own

down the b/s having to idle ever so slightly on the rail approaching the 3/8ths pole. That’s

when the nightmare of this trip started. Smith couldn’t pick a spot to run. Had to wait

from the 3/16 th pole to almost the 1/16 th pole, before finally finding a narrow opening 

on the rail and diving thru to finish full of run. Galloped out well in front. BTL trip!

Misc note: Catches a field today of mostly 3 year olds.

Race Note: Winner got a perfect trip stalking speed horse. Tagline was arguably best.

Bias:  N/A

2 – Awesome Drive


Trip Note: Bit rank going into first turn. Jock wanted this one to settle but she was having

none of that tossing her head. Jock let her go to take over the lead. Came up empty final 

1/8th.  With the jock switch and 2nd time blinkers expect them to send her from the 

opening of the gate today.

Race Note: Winner came from last to first swooping the field on the outside. Place horse

was arguably best.

Bias: N/A

3 – Constantia


Trip Note: Tried to show speed from outside draw but wasn’t quicker than several rivals

to her inside. Sat 4-5 wide entire FT. Seemed a bit hesitant approaching 3/16 th to shoot a

gap that was vacated by one of the dueling leaders who was getting out. Jock hand rode

this one until inside 1/16th. Hard to make much of this performance. Going outside to

inside post today should help.

Race Note: Winner was a second time starter who went wire to wire professionally at 6/5.

Bias: N/A

5 – Lemon Drop Tini


Trip Note: Sat a good trip in the pocket. Wanted to get off the rail at the 3/8ths but

another rival made a move on the outside hemming this one in. Things were a bit tight for

this on the rail at the 3/16ths. Got out final 1/8 th but after soft early fractions couldn’t run

down winner who had something left. Overall good performance.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire repelling a challenger inside 1/16 th pole.

Bias: N/A

6 – Columbian Gold


Trip Note: Slight bobble at the start but recovered quickly. Rank for a couple strides

going past the wire the first time as Prat was trying to get this one to the rail. She also

tugged most of b/s as Prat tried to keep her relaxed. Looked loaded at 3/8th pole, but 

had to wait for room all the way to 3/16 th pole, when she tried to sneak thru rail and got 

shut off by Awesome Drive. Switched out to 2 path to take over lead and was run down 

by outside runner who didn’t ever have to stop momentum. Unlucky loser.

Race Note: Winner came from last to first swooping the field on the outside. Place horse

was arguably best.

Bias: N/A

7 – Sapori Girl


Trip Note: PP’s tell the story. Ridden patiently FT but had a clear trip in the lane.

Race Note: Accordion pace flow. Winner went wire to wire at 3/2.

Bias: N/A

8 – Surface


Trip Note: PP’s tell the story.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire after setting soft fractions early.

Bias: N/A

9 – Hola Chica


Trip Note: Got bumped shortly after the break. Pan shot looks worse than the head-on.

Nothing of note after that as she ran even to the wire with jock showing her the ropes.

Big gallop out though!

Race Note: Winner was a lukewarm 2/1 favorite for Drysdale who was 0/5 entering the

race. Sat a perfect trip 5L back of 2×2 race flow and got up on the outside. Not a very

strong group it appears.

Bias: N/A

10 – Naughty Evelyn


Trip Note: Hesitated slightly at the break and then swerved inward shortly thereafter. Was

rank early before settling for Roman approaching the FT. Eventually took the lead at the

top of lane and hung on well before tiring late. Jock wrapped up final 100 yards. With the

drop, addition of Lasix, and the blinkers coming off, wouldn’t surprise us if this one

outran her odds today.

Race Note: Winner got clear first run and won a wild 5 horse scramble to the wire. The

show horse had to hesitate at a critical point in her stretch rally probably costing her the

win. The 5th place horse could have also won but never got thru the final 100 yards and

the jock had to stand straight up to avoid clipping heels.

Bias: N/A

11 – I Give Up


Trip Note: Broke fine and was taken back to last. Slightly rank into the clubhouse turn.

Moved to the middle of the course down b/s. Ended up about 7Woff the FT. Flat

in the lane.

Note: This one has had several trouble trips in the past, but the one constant is her

tendency to pull/be rank both with blinkers and without.

Race Note: Winner came from last to first swooping the field on the outside. Place horse

was arguably best.

Bias: N/A

Race 6

1 – Dark Prince.

No applicable note. Hasn’t raced on dirt since Sept. ‘18.

2 – Sash


Trip Note: PP’s tell the story. Nudged a bit into clubhouse turn to gain position. Sat good

trip stalking the pace on b/s. Moved up at 3/8 pole on his own and looked like winner at

top of the line. Leader repelled bid. Second best.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire under a great ride by Smith. 

Bias: None.

3 – Unbroken Star


Trip Note: Drifted wide (4-5 path) into the clubhouse into the path of Swamp Souffle.

Tugged most of b/s with jockey trying to get him to settle. Asked at the ¼ pole for his

best and just ran in place.

*Note: Put the blinkers on 2 back and was ridden like he was a 1/5 shot in the race. Wide

every step of the way and still won. Appears to be the kind of horse who doesn’t want to

be on the inside.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire under a great ride by Smith. 

Bias: None.

4 – Rocky Tough

No applicable note.  Hasn’t raced dirt since November of last year.

5 – Swamp Souffle


Trip Note: Hustled out of the gate in an attempt to get over and saved ground going into

clubhouse turn. Checked slightly at the 7/8 th pole when Unbroken Star tried to get out.

Patiently ridden towards rear of the field until the 3/8th pole. Jock looked to pick a spot

on the inside and had to idle until 3/16 th . Responded well to jockey urging, weaving thru

horses to finish 3rd. BTL Effort.

Race Note: Winner went wire to wire under a great ride by Smith. 

Bias: None.

6 – Julius


Trip Note: Jock hustled this one to be forwardly placed and did a nice job getting this

one to the rail at the ½ mile pole where there was a brief 4 across ¾ stack. Sat in the

pocket and looked like he might do something if he could get thru on the inside at the

3/16ths but just ran in place when opening did occur.

Race Note: Pace was hot and winner came from last to first on far outside.

Bias: None.

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