Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Champion Sean Boarman

For the season 1 finale of the Pro Player Diary, PTF sits down with Sean Boarman on the heels of life-changing BCBC score.

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  • A joy to listen to. As an annual UK visitor to the BC, the most important podcast prior to the meet is the Pro Player podcast and Sean has always given thoughts that have crystallised my thinking for the meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed the series where he discussed his betting, which again provided me with great insights into how I could become more successful. There could not be a more deserving winner of the BCBC.

  • When I learned soon after the BC that Sean had won, it made me feel good. I listened to the Pro Player Diaries and you could hear the torture in his voice when he was going thru the cold spell. It was purely fitting that he came out on top.

  • When Sean broke down on the podcast very humbling..Big props to his family for being a game where most don’t get it….Sean gets it

  • That photo you have up says SO much. I too listened to the Pro Player Diaries Shows as mentioned below and his anguish oozed through each podcast prior to that one big score. The Asian contingent didn’t win any races but at least someone who primarily plays there had a major impact in the Breeders Cup. Well done Sean, so happy for you and your family.

  • Absolutely deserving of this win from my past experience with Sean. I new he has been a devoted handicapper for years and a student of the sport paying attention to his peers such as Mike Maloney! Now I enjoy hearing some of his strategies on In The Money! The challenges and rewards are part of the game and Sean has been part of both! Now carry on with the support of the sport, your family and friends! Looking forward to future success and catching up in the near future!

  • Amazing to see Sean win this after the Pro Player Diary which was so fun to follow this year. Congratulations to him!

  • Congratulations, Sean! What a ride for such an intriguing man. Thanks for sharing your truth with us average hopeful bettors. Very happy for you and yours:)

  • Superb episode – well done Sean and great interviewing from PTF. Loved the insight into late pace and the big shout out to the mighty Brisnet!

  • This was such a great interview – truly enjoyed it just as I enjoyed the podcasts all year with Sean because they were so realistic and I could all relate (somewhat) even though I am just a casual player. Keep this coming and I vote for / would pre-buy the book!

  • Good morning PTF, once again great BC content leading up to the races and post bcbc contest. I really enjoy the Pro Player podcasts. Congratulations to Sean Boarman on his win. Well deserved. Really liked his prospective and strategic planning for this contest. It’s great that he is willing to share his thoughts and ideas.
    Keep up the good work.
    Your loyal listener
    Ernest Hey Jr

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