Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Recap Special

PTF is thrilled to host a show with the two members of the ITM team who completed the exacta at this year’s Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge: JK and Matt Miller (they appear in that order, they finished in the opposite order).

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  • I think they would have considered re-opening the wagering pool in he last Friday, but sundown was approaching, and they were worried about time.

  • This episode is the very first time I’ve ever listened to an ITM podcast….WOW!!!

    Just an EXCELLENT hour of information, insight, strategy and commentary by all three of you (PTF, JK & MM). Thank you!

    Equally important to the wagering strategy talk was the pure generosity of spirit and sharing of knowledge by each of you.

    I will give myself a Christmas gift with a subscription to ITM during the holidays in preparation for the Pegasus in January and forward into the 2022 season.

    Just a wonderful episode all around! Thank you!

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