Can o – S8 E7 – Part II Red Bucket Equine Rescue

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  • Hey Bill, Just listened to both parts. Good job! Susan really is quite a woman. I just wish you had asked her more about some of the horses, like Roxy and Playboy, their backgrounds, stories, injuries and rescues. That’s what always gets to me when I get the newsletter. Who was that horse who won $300,000 and came to RB with 2 broken legs? I did get a mixed message about whether she’s moving the operation to KY or running both. I also wondered about her VET bill or does she have vets that do the work pro-bono? Anyway, it’s very nice of you to do your walk this year for RB. I’m sure Susan will be most appreciative! Let me know when you speak with her about Michael (?) at Old Friends and to clear up the KY confusion. Let’s talk soon.

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