First Over With Edison Hatter–Introduction To Swedish Racing & 2023 Elitloppet

On this very special First Over with Edison Hatter episode, Edison introduces us to the world of Swedish Horse Racing and Solvalla Racecourse, which will be hosting Elitloppet– The Elite Race– this weekend, the most prestigious mile harness race in the world. Edison is first joined by Mike Pribozie to break down some quotes from Todd McCarthy, Sarah Svanstedt, and Marcus Melander to introduce the concept of Swedish racing. Next, Edison is joined by Mike Laudon, a former Solvalla trainer and current broadcaster, commentator, and betting expert in Sweden, to dive deeper into Sweden and it’s racing. Finally, Edison takes a walk down memory lane with Hall of Fame driver John Campbell to talk about his experience at the 1988 Elitloppet, when he and MACK LOBELL won the race for the United States.

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