Horseplayers Happy Hour – October 7, 2021

PTF is joined by Michelle Yu and Jonathon Kinchen as they go over stakes races from Keeneland on Friday and Saturday while the HorsePlayer Happy Hour Playoffs play out in the background.

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  • Listened to your Oct 7 Horseplayers Happy Hour today. First Happy Hour I’ve listened to. Loved it. Great dynamics between you, Michelle and JK. I assume this podcast is weekly? Loved your reference to guanciale which I have recently discovered in Spaghetti alla’Amatriciana. Yum!!!

    Final note. Was intrigued by Michelle’s exchange with you and JK re Breeders Cup shirts. This is, as JK stated, a Zen issue. For those millions of fans who love racing this day is truly a Zen moment. As one of those fans I would love, LUV, to have out to your customer base and make those shirts available….for a price naturally.

    • Thank you! Just two more eps for this season but hopefully we’ll be back next year. I think the shirts are on sale on the BC site lmk if you can’t find and I’ll dig up a link for you.

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