In the Ring Pedigree Podcast: The Whip Debate


It’s a special edition of the In the Ring show where Naomi Tukker seeks out three current riders to talk about the ongoing whip debate: John Velazquez, Joe Bravo, and Tyler Gaffalione. Interspersed with these interviews, she and PTF offer their own takes on this complex issue.


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  • Good idea for a show and interesting interviews. A couple of comments.

    Merely having a jockey say the cushion crop does not hurt is not enough. Someone impartial needs to get hit with a cushion crop and describe what it feels like. A dish towel? The broad edge of a yardstick? The narrow edge of a yardstick? Maybe someone who has been hit with one could come up with a better comparison. It strikes me that this could make a good Youtube video. I did a quick search for cushion crop on Youtube and did not find anything. Maybe JK could get Fox to do a segment on one of the NYRA Live shows.

    We have all heard about how strong Mike Smith is with his left hand. The importance of a strong whip hand seems inconsistent with the whip just being used to give a command. Why does it seem like some riders are more dependent on the whip than someone like Joel Rosario who is more hands-and-heels oriented?

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