JK + 1 – Ep 14 – Maggie Wolfendale

JK and his fellow Fox Sports/NYRA compadre, Maggie Wolfendale, talk about her process,  her notes, trainers getting annoyed, Saratoga, horseback interviews, turf hoof, built down hill, horse memory, AND MORE!


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  • Hope the test is negative! Love Maggie W. You both know your horses, great info! Thanks for what you do! Take care!

  • It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed an hour and half lecture as much as this one. Great commentary. My wife did dressage for 20+ years in places like Epona in Spain and with Cora Lee Baldrey in Portugal. She like Maggie can tell a lot by the way a horse walks. Alas, she has little interest in betting other than the occasional major race. Delighted to learn of Maggie’s dressage background.

    I followed Maggie’s race predictions for the following day in earlier MSG broadcasts she did a bit back. Very helpful for OTB bettors. Often in the money. And of course the commentary on the physiognomy of the horses was interesting.

    I wonder if Maggie does any work with NARA. Good insights and interesting conversations. Thanks to both of you.

  • JK, great job on your JK+1 shows. I’ve listened to them all and was glad you had Maggie Woldendale on. Did I miss her explaining turf hoof? If not, could you have her do it on the next time.

    • Favorite episode yet, however twice you brought up a horse’s over-reach and never explained what it was. Google doesn’t give me much help in relation to racing.

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