JK + 1 – Ep 19 – Jimmy Moore (Asst. Starter – NYRA)

JK chats with Assistant Starter, Jimmy Moore. They discuss gate cards, daily routine, jockeys, good horses, loading techniques, and so much more….one of JK’s favorite episodes!

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  • You mentioned opinions of riders, but what about trainers? The reason I ask is that way back in the day, Lit DeJustice (1996 BC Sprint winner) made Jenine Sahadi the first female trainer to win a Breeders’ Cup race, but he was notorious for being almost impossible to load and in fact was almost a gate scratch in that BC race because it took so much effort and time to get him in the gate. I heard rumors (no facts – just third hand gossip) that the starters were quite upset with Sahadi as they felt that she had not done enough to get the horse to learn his manners throughout his career. Coronado’s Quest was also a bad actor, but being a Shug/ Stuart Janney horse, I didn’t hear as much gossip about him. Anyway, I’d be interested to know if (and if so) how much “pull” the gate crew and starter have in the case of a very good horse that simply refuses to load. Do they get in trouble if they just say “screw it” and scratch him? Can the starter demand that a horse (even a top talent) return to gate schooling? How does that work both ruleswise and politically?

    Love your shows and I agree that this was a paticularly great choice to have on the show!

  • Jonathan you have had so many great interviews. Great questions that we’d probably all ask. This was perfect. Always feel you just let them talk and explain and that is what makes a super interview. So interesting. Excellent idea for a topic.

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