JK + 1 – Ep 22 – Frank Mirahmadi

JK & Frank talk about the Santa Anita announcer competition, cancer, gambling, “to-go pars”, Trevor Denman, and of course….pizza.

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  • Absolutely fantastic interview! Frank was calling LAD when I first heard him and he is one of my favorites (as is Michael Wrona – the SA situation sucked for both of them and I am happy that Frank got his dream job. Now if we can get Michael to a prominent track position, everything will be perfect.)

    Question: I love to “gamble”, but I have found that in ANY gambling adventure, the very first and paramount consideration is Bankroll. Until one has established what the acceptable loss is (can you afford to lose $100? $10,000? Or will you be overwhelmed even by losing $10?) is, one should never gamble. I 100% agree that scared money will never win. I played dollar craps (ah, the old Casino Royale in Vegas) until I learned some strategy.

    As far as how to gamble, I think that Tony Zhou would agree with me that gambling on performances is one thing, but “gambling” on the advantageous payoff scenarios is a better proposition than depending on the inscrutable performance of animals or humans. I play with NFL (for small change), but what I am betting on isn’t the players or the coaches – it’s when the linemakers (and the public) make a mistake and let a line be far larger than the odds of winning. I know that Tony (and others) have appeared in ITM shows before, but I’d love to hear him expound upon the philosophy of wagering (on anything at all) in general!

    Lastly, Frank is of course famous for his pizza reviews, but I challenge him to find good pizza in the gasteronome’s paradise of New Orleans, LA. I’ve been here for a very long time and I have yet to find anything that even approaches good ol’ Northeast pizza. The challenge is issued!

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