JK + 1 – Episode 03 (Duke Matties, Professional Horseplayer)

On episode three, JK welcomes professional horseplayer Duke Matties. They dive in to his 24 year horseplaying career, the day he retired from college, bowling, almost killing his brother, Vegas in the good ol’ days, rebates, DQs, a 100yr old women handing him his worst beat ever, and his epic run at the blackjack table!

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  • Unbelievable show! Anytime I can listen to a Matties talk racing, I try to absorb every word. I love the network, and appreciate the hard work by everyone on the ITM team to allow me the opportunity to better my horseplay. I’m a young horseplayer who has became an everyday player over the last 3 years. The Players Podcast opened the door to the greatest game in the world, and I’ve never looked back. Thank you!

  • Well done Jonathan. This work could be your seminal moment as an interviewer. You have a creative mind and ask the questions that dig deeper into the person and the situation. Keep up the great work.

  • Great stories. I think all horseplayers wish they could turn back the clock. Appreciate the content, from a locked down Irish punter.

    • Its just amazing to see the growth and improvement JK that you have shown in the past few years.
      PtF must really be an amazing teacher.
      I mean, at least I dont think or know of any history that PTF has with creative or industrial arts. Just given what Peter has to work with, he knew some goals were unrealistic and he had to temper expectations. Not like he set out trying to create the next Mona Lisa.

      But to see how fluid JK has become on tv and in all media areas; one has to question if even the great DaVinci could have created such marvels/wonders of the world; if he was just given a bucket of water and a bucket of dirt to work with. If Divinci was basically told to mix the 2 substances together, make some puddy/clay; whatever it’s called and get to work.
      No paintbrushes, no canvas, no assortment of colors to choose from.

      Under these circumstances; regardless of how inadequate the specific surronding circumstances would appear to any individual looking back in time at Davinci and the time period he lived through.

      But no matter how much time and effort Davinci put it into his work; the fact that he was given no resources to work with besides a bucket of dirt and a bucket of water. These restrictions would ultimately prevent Davinci from being able to use or even tap into the majority of the natural talent he possessed.

      However, to see what PTF has done.
      Whoops, first i think we all need to make the analogy that Davinci in the above story and how it relates to inthemoneypodcast.
      Well, by now you’ve definitely connected the dots im sure. But just in case; PTF is the real life present day Davinci.
      But he did not let the lack of resources handcuff him or prevent him from excelling and moving to the top of his industry. (A la Davinci)
      But to see JK perform on TV is truly a credit to the one and only PTF. Lets be honest, the bucket of dirt and bucket of water that Davinci was given to work with; when comparing those resources to those that PTF had to work with.
      If one were to make it a fair and equal test between Davinci and PTF, then PTF would be given a cohost similar to a Bob Costas, Steve Byk.
      But to do what youve done with JK, is at least, at a minimum as remarkable as if Davinci had created the Mona Lisa by hand with nothinf but a bucket of mud.

      Just joking..love you guys. Figured PTF could enjoy and use the joke being on jk.
      Keep.it going.

      Saratoga this year. Any interest of PTF in 1 corner. JK in another. Other 2 corners filled also.
      And running bankroll contest throughout Saratoga season. (Could potentially include del mar also) but either way
      That be a good contest for bragging rights

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