JK 1 – Episode 35 – Dale Romans

JK and Dale talk about the first time they met, how he got Kittens’ Joy and Roses in May on the same day, Shack, Keen Ice, Jerkens, AND his next career as a pro wrestling manager! As a reminder, you can sign up for the FREE Players’ Newsletter at https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/email – This weekly newsletter, sent on Friday, is a hub for horse racing content from the ITM Team and our partners. If you want even more premium handicapping analysis, including exclusive podcasts, detailed written analysis, and show notes from the free podcasts, please check out ITM Plus – https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/plus


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  • Awesome! I prefer the 50-60 min drops with Part II if needed. Enjoy the insights and stories. Keep up the good work JK!

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