JK+1- Episode 45 – David Donk

Join JK+1 on In the Money Media Network as we welcome special guest David Donk, a renowned horse racing trainer. Hosted by JK, this show delves into the world of horse racing, providing valuable insights, analysis, and interviews with industry experts. In this episode, JK and David discuss training techniques, race strategies, and the latest developments in horse racing. Don’t miss this engaging and informative conversation. Subscribe and tune in now to JK+1 for a thrilling dive into the world of horse racing! As a reminder, you can sign up for the FREE Players’ Newsletter at https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/email – This weekly newsletter, sent on Friday, is a hub for horse racing content from the ITM Team and our partners. If you want even more premium handicapping analysis, including exclusive podcasts, detailed written analysis, and show notes from the free podcasts, please check out ITM Plus – https://www.inthemoneypodcast.com/plus


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  • This was an excellent episode — I enjoy them all, but this was really genuine and I enjoyed the open, straightforward responses.

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