Keeneland Podcast for Thursday, October 27

Matt Vagvolgyi joins PTF for a chat about stats angles that have been working this meet and a look at the late pick five on the Thursday card.

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  • Good morning Pete.. THANK YOU for all the hard work you are doing. I am a local, lived here since 1970.. spent every spring and fall skipping UK classes and going to Keeneland.. I have an angle u can use and share… SIMPLY the flying flags on display near tote board in the infield… IF they are blowing AWAY from the airport bet the speed!,, 🇺🇸… HOWEVER like yesterday when I saw you , and yelled your name out as you walked by my friends and I in the saddling area Wednesday, when it blows away from the airport bet the closers…it works pretty well ( what angle ALWAYS works? )… watch it in replays from recent windy days.. and the wind always blows at Keeneland , but big wind does affect results.. watch and wager. Continued success, I love your podcasts and look forward to BC coverage to come. I am “ lucky “ Larry Cartwright. P.S. I sold Mercedes Benz automobiles here in Lexington for 15 years and have great connections with Hill n Dale at Xalapa( John Sikura) both the Hancock brothers ( Seth at Claiborne and Arthur at Stone Farm) if u wish to do a tour let me know.I tried to get Rick Hammerle and Steve Byk to commit to a tour but heard back from neither… EVERYBODY is busy I know, and again thank u for all the hard work , may u enjoy continued success
    Larry Cartwright

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